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As a result, the number of flower petal projections in the Profound Heavenly Floral Realm increased by close to half, and they all transformed into a series of palm-sized pink shields.

Meanwhile, all of the silver formations on Han Li's body began to emit a loud buzzing sound alongside bursts of five-colored light, which flowed into his Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword along his six arms.

The silver runes on the sword instantly began to glow with scintillating light, making it almost impossible to look directly at the sword.

Once all of the light faded, the sword was revealed to have swelled to over 100 feet in size, and the silver runes on its surface were moving incessantly as if they had sprung to life.

Han Li then slashed his longsword through the air, and a green halo immediately proliferated outward.

Almost at the exact same moment, the surrounding skeleton warriors also sprang into action, hurling their bone tridents forward in unison.

As soon as the bone tridents left the hands of the skeleton warriors, a string of cracks and pops rang out all over their bodies, and they disintegrated into powder, having exhausted the power that had been supporting them.

In the next instant, the bone tridents plunged into the expanding green halo, and an earth-shattering boom rang out as black Qi and green light intertwined, stirring up the world's origin Qi in the surrounding area into a chaotic frenzy.

Han Li's slash was extremely powerful, but there was no way it could withstand the full-blooded attacks of over 100 Grand Ascension Stage beings.

The green halo only lasted for an instant before it was shattered, but it had eradicated most of the bone tridents as well.

As for the dozen or so remaining bone tridents, they plunged into Bao Hua's rapidly revolving spirit domain as streaks of black light.

Bao Hua's fingers curled back slightly within her sleeves, and a burst of faint energy fluctuations erupted forth.

The revolving spirit domain immediately came to a standstill before shrinking even further, and around a dozen balls of black light suddenly appeared within it.

These balls of black light quickly fused as one, staining a large section of the spirit domain black, then abruptly vanished on the spot.

At this point, the Stemborer Queen's spirit domain seemed to have also exhausted all of its power, and it gradually faded to reveal the underwater abyss again.

At this moment, Bao Hua was holding the Earth Emperor Nail in one hand, while Han Li was standing with his sword raised before him.

The two of them had managed to protect themselves with their Profound Heavenly Treasures, but the Profound Heavenly Floral Domain had been completely destroyed.

As for Daoist Xie, he had reverted back to his human form and was standing right beside Han Li with lightning flashing around his body. The giant grey net overhead was nowhere to be seen; perhaps it had been eradicated during the clash

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