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"You're telling me you disabled your own cultivation base?" Han Li asked with a skeptical expression.

"If I hadn't done that, there's no way that Bao Hua would be content with only banishing me to this place. After all, I was the one she once trusted the most, yet I stabbed her in the back; it's already a huge surprise to me that I was able to survive this ordeal," Yuan Cha explained.

"I see. To think that she was still willing to let you live after what you did to her; the two of you must've really been quite close," Han Li said as he nodded with a contemplative expression.

"Fellow Daoist Han, we've had our differences in the past, and I'm no longer any match for you, so I'm completely at your mercy. Are you going to take revenge for what I did to you back then?" Yuan Cha asked as a forlorn look appeared in her eyes.

"I would be inclined to exact my revenge if Bao Hua hadn't handed down any punishment to you, but I have no intention of doing that now. Not only has your cultivation base been severely debilitated, your mental state has already fallen apart, so it's already quite remarkable that you were able to maintain your current cultivation base. There's no longer any hope for you to return to the Grand Ascension Stage. Seeing as you were once a Grand Ascension Stage Sacred Ancestor, I won't ask you to do anything too degrading; just sever one of your own arms, and I'll let bygones be bygones," Han Li said.

Yuan Cha faltered slightly upon hearing this before a wry smile appeared on her face. "An arm? Is that all? That's certainly not an issue."

As soon as her voice trailed off, she raised an arm before opening her mouth to release a streak of white light, which revolved around her raised arm, instantly severing it at the shoulder.

However, the cross-section of the wound was as smooth as a mirror, and there was no blood flowing from it.

Yuan Cha then made a grabbing motion with her other hand, and her severed arm exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

"Can I go now?" After severing one of her own arms, Yuan Cha's face had paled even further.

Han Li nodded in response, displaying no intention to punish her further beyond this.

"Thank you for your kindness, Fellow Daoist. You and I will most likely never meet again."Yuan Cha extended a slight bow toward Han Li, then flew away as a streak of blue light.

As she flew through the air, a new arm began to take shape amid a cloud of black Qi to replace her severed limb, but losing an arm had undoubtedly taken a toll on her.

"Are you really just going to let her go, Brother Han? Aren't you worried that she'll try to take revenge against you in the future?" Silvermoon couldn't help but ask.

"Bao Hua was willing to spare her, so it's not really in my place to kill her. After all, who knows what type of bond may still exist between them? The fact that Bao Hua was willing to let her live even after what she did clearly indicates that their relationship

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