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"So are we just supposed to trust the others? What if they take advantage of the opportunity to teleport away?" Han Li asked through voice transmission.

"Rest assured, Brother Han, I tampered with the Treasured Phoenix Spirit Plate that I gave to everyone, so as long as I don't allow it, they won't be able to use the formation plates. Once they're all made aware of this, I'm sure they wouldn't dare to try anything," Bao Hua revealed with a smile.

Immediately thereafter, she turned and transmitted her voice toward the others.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the elderly man and black-robed woman, and sure enough, upon hearing what Bao Hua had to say, enraged looks appeared on both of their faces.

In contrast, Bao Hua's expression remained unchanged, and she even had the nerve to smile at the two of them.

The elderly man and black-robed woman were naturally extremely furious; if it weren't for the fact that they were facing such a fearsome enemy, they could've easily turned on Bao Hua already.

Before they had a chance to communicate any further, the little girl cast her gaze toward them, and giggled, "Have you thought about how to compensate me? How about this? Hand over your Nascent Souls, and perhaps I'll be full after eating one or two more, and I'll let the rest of you leave."

"Do you really think such a blatant attempt to sow dissension among us will work? If we allow you to kill one more of us, the rest of us will completely be at your mercy," Bao Hua replied in a calm manner, then immediately swept a hand through the air.

The Earth Emperor Nail embedded into the black crystal instantly vanished, then reappeared in her grasp.

"Oh? So you're determined to fight me? You were able to survive one of my attacks, and that's certainly quite remarkable. However, your Nascent Soul isn't the one I want to eat the most right now; it's his! His spiritual sense is so powerful; I'm sure his Nascent Soul would be far more delicious than the one I just had," the little girl said with a smile as she pointed toward Han Li.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and Bao Hua and the others were also rather taken aback.

Judging from what the Stemborer Queen had just said, it seemed that Han Li's spiritual sense was even more powerful than that of Bao Hua's, and that was quite surprising.

"If you think my Nascent Soul will be quite good to eat, then come and get it," Han Li said with a faint smile, seemingly completely unfazed by the little girl's threat.

Bao Hua and the others couldn't help but admire his courage. After all, not everyone could remain so calm and nonchalant in the face of a threat from a being as fearsome as the Stemborer Queen.

"Alright, then don't mind if I do!" the little girl said as she licked her lips and clenched her fists, then suddenly shot forth as a blurry shadow.

She was so fast that she reached Han Li in an instant, and he couldn't even clearly see how she had go

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