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However, the lightning ball naturally wasn't going to stop for anyone, and it continued to descend into the swarm of beetles.

Black and white lightning flashed violently, and many of the Gold Devouring Beetles were charred black before falling like rain out of the sky.

Even though Gold Devouring Beetles possessed virtually indestructible bodies, some of the weaker ones had still been dealt a heavy blow by the fearsome tribulation lightning, and even though they didn't perish, they were knocked unconscious as a result.

As for the remaining Gold Devouring Beetles and beetle monarch candidates, they immediately awakened from their disoriented state after the bombardment of lightning.

The beetle monarch candidates let loose sharp cries, and all of the Gold Devouring Beetles instantly surged toward the ball of lightning, forming a shimmering golden ball around it before devouring the lightning with all their might.

In retaliation, even more arcs of lightning appeared on the surface of the ball of lightning before lashing out at the swarm of beetles.

Thus, the ball of lightning began to rapidly shrink from being devoured, but more and more Gold Devouring Beetles were being knocked unconscious before falling out of the sky.

After the span of just a few breaths, all of the normal mature Gold Devouring Beetles had fallen unconscious, with only the dozen or so Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles still clinging on doggedly while continuing to devour lightning with all their might.

However, the ball of lightning paid no heed to the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles and continued to crash down toward Han Li.

At this point, the ball of lightning had already been reduced to only around a quarter of its initial size, but even so, it was still several tens of feet in diameter and imbued with astonishing power.

Having been bought some time by the Gold Devouring Beetles, Han Li had managed to complete his Second Nirvana Transformation.

In the face of the descending ball of lightning, Han Li let loose an earth-shattering roar, and his body expanded drastically to several thousand feet in size as he reached up with all four of his substantial hands in unison.

Layers of silver spirit patterns immediately surfaced all over his body, then converged toward his four arms, forming a series of silver formations of different sizes.

All of a sudden, the silver light on Han Li's six arms faded, and a set of shimmering silver armor appeared, covering all of his arms from shoulder to fingertips.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that the armor was constructed from countless extremely beautiful scales, upon each of which was engraved a miniature formation that was giving off a mysterious aura.

Han Li had unleashed his Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra alongside his Holy Nirvana Physique and 12 Awakening Transformations, and this was the first time that he had ever done this.

Upon sensing the terrify

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