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Prior to setting off, the plan had already been confirmed, so none of the Grand Ascension Stage beings had any objections.

Moments later, the devilish army split up into several groups that charged toward the same direction, leaving only the tens of thousands of elite devilish guards and the Grand Ascension Stage beings behind.

A few hours later, the remaining elite devilish warriors also departed from the valley on a giant ark.

Seven days later, an army comprised of over 100,000 devilish warriors was locked in a fierce battle against a swarm of stemborers above a barren plateau.

The devilish army was very organized, and was arranged in a profound circular formation with the several hundred giant arks positioned at strategic locations.

Furthermore, multiple layers of protective light barriers had been set up, and thick pillars of light were being blasted out of the light barriers in a frenzy, felling large swathes of stemborers.

However, there were simply far too many stemborers in this swarm!

No matter how many were killed, more would immediately take their place to continue to attack the formation.

The devilish army had been slowly advancing in the past, but it had been forced to a standstill.

Fortunately, the attacks being unleashed by the formation were becoming more and more powerful, killing countless stemborers and alleviating some of the pressure on the army.

However, the three Body Integration Stage devilish beings standing on the giant ark at the center of the formation weren't pleased at all to see this.

"It's not a wise decision to use our backup power so soon; we won't be able to stall the stemborer swarm for long now," a crimson-armored devilish man said.

"Hmph, if we hadn't used that power, the entire formation could've crumbled just now. If our formation gets overwhelmed, then we won't be able to stall the stemborer swarm at all," a thin elderly devilish man harrumphed coldly in response.

"But the Sacred Ancestors ordered us to hold our own for at least half a day, yet only a few hours have passed. If we want to ensure our survival, we'll have to work out a plan. Otherwise, once everyone's exhausted, the three of us alone won't be able to fight our way out of this swarm," the crimson-armored man countered.

"Don't make me repeat myself; if we hadn't used this power, we would've already been overwhelmed. If worse comes to worst, we'll just have to unleash secret techniques to tap into our latent potential, and there's still a decent chance that we'll be able to escape," the elderly man replied in a nonchalant manner.

"You sure make it sound simple! If anything goes even slightly wrong, all of us could be devoured by these stemborers!" the crimson-armored man said in a cold voice.

"I don't think that's a valid concern as long as we work out a good plan and take the right opportunities," the elderly man countered with a roll of his eyes.

The crimson-armored man imme

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