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Both the five-colored streaks of light and the lightning crashing down from above were instantly destroyed by the black soundwaves, and the Black Owl Monarch let loose a loud cry as he made a grabbing motion downward.

The black soundwaves immediately converged toward his hand, then transformed into a black Kirin projection that pounced forward violently.

Gusts of glacial Yin winds were swept up around the projection, causing the air to warp and blur as if it were about to be frozen solid.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged, and he merely pointed a finger upward.

A burst of silver flames flew out of his fingertip, then transformed into a giant Fire Raven that opened its beak to release a pillar of crimson light directly upward.

A huge hole was instantly punched into the Kirin projection's body by the pillar of light, and the projection disintegrated into nothingness along with the glacial winds.

The silver Fire Raven then unleashed another pillar of crimson light directly toward the Black Owl Monarch, and it traveled extraordinarily quickly, reaching the Black Owl Monarch in the blink of an eye.

However, the Black Owl Monarch merely opened his mouth to devour the pillar of light, then smacked his lips as he praised, "Not bad!"

All of the cultivators down below were stunned to see this, but a smile appeared on Han Li's face as he said, "We're both Grand Ascension Stage beings, so let's do away with these little tricks; let's use our true powers to decide this battle."

"My thoughts exactly!"

The Black Owl Monarch was infuriated by Han Li's condescending attitude, and he opened his mouth to release a green jade fan that landed in his grasp. At the same time, his body swelled drastically to several thousand feet tall amid bursts of swirling black light.

The jade fan in his hand had also expanded to around 1,000 feet in length, and its surface was riddled with countless golden and silver runes.

On top of that, the fan was enshrouded within seven layers of light, creating quite a mystical sight to behold.

The Black Owl Monarch's muscular arm bulged as he swept the giant fan through the air, sending a vast expanse of seven-colored light crashing down toward Han Li and the people on the plaza.

The cultivators on the plaza immediately adopted defensive measures in a horrified manner, and thus, countless treasures rose up into the air in retaliation.

A cold smile appeared on the Black Owl Monarch upon seeing this, and he pointed a finger at the jade fan, upon which a burst of black Qi shot out of his fingertip before vanishing into the fan.

As a result, the seven-colored light it had unleashed swelled even further, and the attacks from all of the opposing treasures were instantly nullified.

In the next instant, many of the weaker cultivators present threw up mouthfuls of blood essence, both from magic power backlash and due to the enormous spiritual pressure of the giant fan weighing

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