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To a mortal, a year was a period of time that could be referred to as neither short or long, but to some cultivators who were constantly in seclusion, a year was akin to the blink of an eye.

Ever since news of Han Li's Grand Ascension Stage celebratory ceremony was announced, cultivators in the nearby area had immediately begun to flock to Deep Heaven City.

As time passed, more and more cultivators arrived in the city, including powerful demonic beings who had come from afar.

Some of these cultivators entered the Deep Heaven City, while others created temporary lodging for themselves in the mountain ranges near the city.

In the final month leading up to the ceremony, even more cultivators rushed to the city, with over 100,000 new arrivals almost every day, and the city became extremely lively and bustling as a result.

Some of the cultivators took advantage of this opportunity to seek out others and establish relationships, or set up all types of small markets to exchange for the resources they required.

As for Deep Heaven City itself, it would hold an official auction almost once every week.

During these auctions, all types of rare items were frequently being presented, and even the elders of the city benefited immensely from these auctions, securing many spirit medicines and other exotic items that they would've otherwise been unable to.

Several days prior to the commencement of the ceremony, the cultivators residing in the nearby mountain ranges also began to enter the city en masse.

Deep Heaven City was extremely massive, but with such a huge influx of new arrivals, it was becoming quite crowded.

Overpopulation had suddenly become an issue, and there were even some cultivators who couldn't find any places to stay.

The panel of elders of Deep Heaven City immediately addressed this issue by opening up some stone pagodas inhabited by the city guards, as well as some underground secret chambers, as extra lodging. On top of that, they also built several temporary pavilions for the new arrivals to stay in a few secluded corners of the city, and only then were they able to just barely resolve the issue of insufficient lodging.

Of course, due to the enormous and spontaneous increase in population, all types of trouble and unrest began to arise in the city, but the panel of elders was very proactive and quickly resolved all of these problems one after another.

Everyone knew that there was no way that they would all be permitted to attend the ceremony. In fact, it was most likely the case that only less than 1% of everyone present would be able to attend.

As such, most of them had arrived in the city to find opportunities for themselves as such a massive gathering of high-grade cultivators most likely wouldn't arise again for thousands of years.

As long as one remained vigilant, perhaps they could find a powerful master, or join a renowned sect, or exchange for an item that they'd been search

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