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After straying only several hundred feet off the path, both Xie Lian and Lü Shi immediately detected something.

After flying for no more than 2,000 feet, a massive deep crater that was around 80 feet in size emerged up ahead.

There were seven stone pagodas around the giant crater that were in ruins, and the ground was riddled with countless deep trenches, indicating that a fierce battle had taken place here.

At the center of the giant crater laid the charred black remains of a giant insect, and it seemed that this was only less than half of the insect's entire carcass.

Even though the carcass was incomplete, it was still quite menacing to behold, and both Xie Lian and Lü Shi couldn't help but draw a sharp breath.

This insect was similar in appearance to the average stemborer with a glossy exoskeleton, but on its long and thin neck was an extremely hideous male head, complete with all of its facial features and a head of disheveled green hair that resembled wild grass.

The carcass was lying still on the ground without any blood around it, having clearly perished here a long time ago.

"So this is a true descendant of the Stemborer Queen; it really is very disturbing to look at," Xie Lian said as her face paled slightly.

"It truly is. I didn't think that these insects would be so unsightly; the Stemborer Queen is most likely even more disgusting to look at. What do you think, Fellow Daoist Han?" Lü Shi asked.

"Perhaps so. I won't just come to any conclusions before I see the Stemborer Queen for myself," Han Li said with a faint smile, then suddenly swept a sleeve toward the giant crater.

A loud boom rang out as a burst of invisible power struck the insect carcass, causing it to flip onto its back.

Xie Lian's complexion paled even further at the sight of the insect's underside.

The insect had around a dozen shattered limbs attached to its abdomen, some of which were very sharp and lined with hard black fur, just like the limbs of actual insects.

However, the other limbs were fair and delicate, bearing a strong appearance to human hands, but instead of five fingers, each hand was comprised of three fingers, one of which was quite thin, while the other two were thicker.

Lü Shi's eyelids spasmed upon seeing this, and he raised a hand to conjure up a blue fireball, which he immediately sent flying toward the insect carcass.

The fireball didn't seem to be releasing any heat, but the air around it had become quite warped and blurry, clearly indicating that the flames were extremely fearsome.

As soon as the fireball struck the insect carcass, the latter immediately burst into flames.

Moments later, Lü Shi made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the carcass, and a dull thump rang out as the blue flames instantly vanished to reveal the carcass again.

However, aside from the fact that it was slightly more charred black than before, the carcass appeared to have been largely unaffecte

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