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"Senior Han hasn't been moving for a long time now; could it be that something's happened to him?" Zhu Guo'er asked in a concerned manner as she looked on from the mountain peak in the distance.

"Don't worry, with Brother Han's powerful spiritual sense and mental fortitude, transcending this inner demon tribulation shouldn't be an issue. It's just a surprise that he's attracted so many Heavenly Devilish Monarchs, but we're unable to do anything about that. Having said that, I'm sure he would've set up additional countermeasures against these Heavenly Devilish Monarchs, so there's no need to worry." Despite what Silvermoon was saying, her expression suggested that she was clearly very concerned herself.

Zhu Guo'er was aware that Silvermoon was also very worried about Han Li, but her heart still eased slightly upon hearing this response. However, she then suddenly seemed to have detected something, and she cast her gaze toward the other mountain peak.

"Huh? Where did Senior Xie go?"

In contrast, Silvermoon was completely unsurprised by Daoist Xie's absence, and she replied, "Two powerful beings are approaching this place; even I may not be able to defeat them, so Daoist Xie has gone to intercept them. I also have to go and deal with another group of unwelcome guests, and there will most likely be even more people coming, so Daoist Xie and I may not be able to come back. As such, we'll leave everything here to you for now. If anything happens within the basin, make sure to inform us right away."

As soon as her voice trailed off, Silvermoon flipped a hand over to reveal a formation plate, upon which a string of silver runes were flashing incessantly, indicating that Xu Qianyu's group was sending out an alert signal to her.

"Rest assured, Senior; I'll be sure to do my best," Zhu Guo'er replied with a serious expression.

"Good. I'll be leaving now," Silvermoon replied with a nod before immediately flying away as a streak of silver light.


High up in the air tens of thousands of kilometers away, Daoist Xie was facing a pair of Body Integration Stage beings with his hands clasped behind his back.

The two Body Integration cultivators were comprised of a heavily-bearded burly man, and a woman in a black dress. The man wore a set of golden robes, and most of his face was concealed behind his heavy facial hair, but his dark yellow eyes were still visible, and the mere sight of them struck one with a sense of dizziness.

As for the woman, she was quite beautiful and had wisps of black light emanating from her body. There was faint demonic Qi being released by both of them, indicating that they were Body Integration Stage demonic beings.

In particular, the woman was at the late-Body Integration Stage.

However, both of them currently had fearful looks in their eyes, and their faces had paled significantly in the face of the fearsome aura radiating from Daoist Xie's body.

The pressure being exerted u

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