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Three days later, Han Li departed from Deep Heaven City with Silvermoon, Daoist Xie, Zhu Guo'er, and Li Rong, and the five of them traveled to the Xu Family.

Following the retreat of the devilish army, the Xu Family had returned to its former site of residence, so through the use of several teleportation formations, Han Li was able to arrive after just half a month of travel.

As soon as his arrival was announced, the entire Xu Family erupted into a frenzy.

Not only did Family Leader Xu Jiao and Xu Qianyu hurriedly come out to greet him, they were also accompanied by the elders of the family, including Xu Yan and Xu Huo, whom Han Li had met once in the past.

It seemed that the Xu Family had managed to preserve most of its powerful beings despite the devilish tribulation.

"We pay our respects to Senior Han; your visit is truly a great honor for our entire family," Xu Jiao said as he extended a respectful bow, and all of the elders also followed suit.

As one of the major families of the human race, the Xu Family had been able to maintain a hint of pride in the face of Han Li back when he was only a Body Integration cultivator, but they certainly didn't dare to treat him with the same attitude now that he was at the Grand Ascension Stage.

Han Li's group was invited into the main guest hall, and after sitting down on the main seat, he turned to Xu Jiao, and said, "I'm sure you know why I'm here. Fairy Xu has already informed me of the blood soul's current situation, but I want you to give me a more detailed account to see if there's any additional useful information."

"Yes, Senior. Senior Blood Soul suddenly returned to our family around seven months ago..." Thus, Xu Jiao began a detailed recount.

Han Li listened carefully to his story, and after the recount was completed, a serious look appeared on his face as he said, "So prior to falling unconscious, Fellow Daoist Blood Soul told you that I'm the only one who would be able to awaken her."

"That's right, Senior Han. As a clone of our matriarch the blood soul is only at the Spatial Tempering Stage, but due to the semi-insubstantial nature of her body, it's very difficult for her to sustain injuries. However, she's been afflicted by some type of condition where there is no visible damage to her body, but she's remained unconscious this entire time. I've already tried everything to awaken her, but all to no avail. I hope you can do our matriarch a favor by saving her, Senior Han," Xu Jiao said in a careful manner.

"That's quite interesting. Let me see Fellow Daoist Blood Soul for myself first. If I can save her, I'll be sure to do so," Han Li said with a faint smile.

Xu Jiao was ecstatic to hear this. "Thank you, Senior Han; I'll take you to see her right away."

"Come with me, Brother Xie. Silvermoon, Guo'er, Fellow Daoist Li, you can all stay here for now," Han Li instructed.

"Alright, I'll wait here with Guo'er and Fellow Daoist Li," Silvermoo

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