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Han Li's expression eased slightly at the sight of Fan Paozi's departure, but a hint of concern then appeared in his eyes as he considered what Fan Paozi had just said.

After a short while, Han Li's Nascent Soul descended from above as a streak of azure light.

Not long after that, spatial fluctuations erupted within the secret chamber of his cave abode, and the Nascent Soul re-emerged.

Han Li's physical body and the spirit body both stood up upon seeing this, and at the same time, Han Li's physical body closed its eyes, and his Nascent Soul quickly vanished into the head of the body as a streak of azure light.

All of a sudden, purplish-golden light flashed erratically from Han Li's body, and a series of silver spirit patterns appeared on his skin.

Han Li then reopened his eyes, upon which the spirit body immediately approached him before vanishing into his body as a streak of azure light.

Han Li stood still on the spot, and only after a long while did he gently flex his neck from side to side as he murmured to himself, "As expected, my Nascent Soul really has become more resolute than before. It seems that not only can spiritual travel be used in battle against enemies, it can also be directly used for cultivation."

After that, Han Li sat back down onto the ground, then flipped a hand over to produce the silver scale again.

Han Li gently stroked the scale with his finger for a moment, and a contemplative look appeared on his face.

In the past, he had read about the True Dragon Island that Fan Paozi had just spoken of, and apparently, the island was very strange in that it existed in a unique space that was situated in several realms at once.

There were all types of living beings on the island, most of which were wyrms, but there were also over 10 true spirits on the island, most of which were true dragons, which was why it was known as True Dragon Island.

However, this was the first time he had heard about this Dao Fruit Convention.

He would have to inquire Mo Jianli and some others about this to see if they knew any details about the event before deciding whether he was going to attend.

Having made up his mind, Han Li exhaled, and the silver spirit patterns on his body instantly formed dozens of miniature formations on his skin.

Immediately thereafter, bursts of white mist surged out of the formations in a frenzy, inundating Han Li's entire body.

Moments later, the entire secret chamber was filled with this white mist, and a string of cracks and pops rang out incessantly from within it.

Thus, Han Li continued to cultivate in his secret chamber.

Two months later, the door of the secret chamber was opened once again amid a dull thump, and Han Li emerged from within with a calm expression.

Half a day later, spiritual light suddenly flashed on the peak of the mountain in which Han Li's cave abode was situated, and two dazzling streaks of light departed into the distance.


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