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Hai Yuetian immediately understood that Han Li was preparing to handle all of the pressure of the situation on his own, and he was extremely grateful as he kowtowed to Han Li twice in succession.

After that, Han Li pointed at Silvermoon and Daoist Xie, and said, "These Fellow Daoist Silvermoon and Fellow Daoist Xie; they are to be treated with the same respect as you treat me. Come and pay your respects to them."

"We pay our respects to Senior Silvermoon and Senior Xie."

Qi Lingzi had already noticed Silvermoon and Daoist Xie, and he immediately offered his respects to them alongside his disciples at Han Li's behest.

Silvermoon waved a hand with a smile, while Daoist Xie nodded in an expressionless manner.

"This here is Zhu Guo'er. Hehe, her name is only one character different from Bai Guo'er; I was quite surprised as well when I first heard her name. However, she has no relation to Bai Guo'er. Instead, she comes from a secret place that very few people know about. I'll tell you about the specifics later, but for now, all you have to know is that she'll be by my side for some time, so just treat her like a normal junior martial sister," Han Li introduced.

"Greetings, Junior Martial Sister Zhu; I'm sure Junior Martial Sister Bai would be very pleased to meet you," Qi Lingzi said as he cupped his fist in a smiling salute.

"I'll most likely have to stay with Senior Han for a while; I hope we'll get along well, senior martial brothers," Zhu Guo'er said as she extended a curtsey toward Qi Lingzi and Hai Yuetian.

After that, Han Li was filled in by Qi Lingzi and the others on the events that had taken place during his seclusion, and he was particularly interested in why the devilish army had suddenly retreated from the Spirit Realm.

Unfortunately, Qi Lingzi and Hai Yuetian were just as perplexed about this matter as he was.

All he knew was that a truce was suddenly arranged between the devilish army and the panel of elders of Deep Heaven City, following which the devilish army returned to the Elder Devil Realm shortly thereafter.

Subsequently, the human and demon races were able to recover their lost territory very easily, and only very few devilish beings still remained behind, unwilling to leave.

During this period of time, the human and demon races had focused their efforts primarily on repairing the damage caused by the devilish tribulation, as well as to eradicate the remaining devilish beings, and everything was progressing in a positive direction.

Han Li listened carefully to Qi Lingzi's description with a calm expression, making it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

After Qi Lingzi concluded his recount, Han Li paused momentarily in contemplation before asking, "So you're saying that the two Grand Ascension Stage beings of our two races suddenly vanished not long after the conclusion of the devilish tribulation."

"That's right, Master. Our cultivation bases are quite lackluste

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