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The term "devilish patriarch" immediately sent a massive stir running through the crowd, and everyone's expressions changed drastically.

Having just endured the devilish tribulation, they were naturally extremely fearful of the most powerful trio among all devilish beings.

The Spirit being's expression also changed slightly upon hearing this, but he also didn't seem to be surprised by this answer. After heaving a long sigh, he extended another respectful salute.

"Thank you for your response, Senior; please forgive me if I've caused you any offense, and I'll be sure to relay your answers to our Spirit Monarch."

Han Li merely nodded in response.

After the Spirit being sat down again, the other representatives of the foreign race also began to offer their congratulatory presents and good wishes, among which were several Wood Tribe representatives from the factions that had already become subsidiaries to the other races.

Han Li offered his gratitude to these foreign representatives, and after that, a beauty in a yellow hooded cloak stood up from a corner of the plaza.

After removing her cloak, an exquisitely beautiful set of facial features that resembled an artistic masterpiece was revealed.

"Impossible! It's Fairy Rong!"

"It really is Fairy Rong! Didn't the holy island declare that no news of her has surfaced since she ventured into the primordial world over 3,000 years ago?"

A stir immediately ran through the crowd among those who were familiar with this woman, and all of them were incredulous to see her.

It seemed that she was also quite a renowned figure.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly upon seeing this, and he cast his gaze toward her to find that she was only at the mid-Body Integration Stage, but her aura was very peculiar, and there was faint light emanating from her skin, further accentuating her stunning beauty.

It was clear that this woman was no ordinary Body Integration cultivator and was using very special cultivation arts.

"May I ask your name?" Han Li asked.

"I am Li Rong, and I'm here on behalf of the holy island to congratulate you on becoming our human race's second Grand Ascension cultivator. I bring with me a top-grade flying ark, 10 exceptional female servants, 100 top-grade spirit beasts, and 1,000 armored warrior puppets," Li Rong said as she extended a salute with a sweet smile, and her voice was as pleasant to the ears as heavenly music.

"I see. I must thank the holy island for these precious gifts, and I'll be sure to pay the island a visit after the ceremony," Han Li replied with a nod.

"We would certainly be honored to have you on our island, Senior Han; my fellow daoists on the holy island have some very important things to discuss with you," Li Rong said with a smile.

Han Li merely nodded in an ambiguous manner in response.

"There's also something else I'd..."

"Who's sneaking around back there?"

Just as Li Rong was about to say someth

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