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Silvermoon quickly inspected Han Li's bodily condition before a congratulatory smile appeared on her face.

"Congratulations on progressing to the Grand Ascension Stage, Brother Han. You are now the third Grand Ascension Stage patriarch among our human and demon races; looks like I'll have to refer to you as a senior from now on."

"Are you making fun of me, Silvermoon? With the bond that we share, I'll still regard you as an equal even though I've progressed to the Grand Ascension Stage," Han Li replied with a smile.

Silvermoon was naturally quite pleased to hear this.

Xu Qianyu was standing behind Silvermoon, and she carefully examined Han Li for a long while before finally asking in a hesitant voice, "Senior Han, is that you? Have you really become a Grand Ascension cultivator?"

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this, and only then did he realize that there were some acquaintances among the group of cultivators accompanying Silvermoon.

As for Xiao Guan and Mouse Monarch Dong Tian, they were also staring at Han Li with astonishment in their eyes.

However, compared to Mouse Monarch Dong Tian, Xiao Guan was far more shocked by Han Li's rapid progression.

She had met Han Li once before, and back then, he had only been at the early-Body Integration Stage, so the current situation naturally felt like a dream to her.

"I didn't think that I would be visited by acquaintances right after my Grand Ascension Stage breakthrough. Fellow Daoist Xu, how is Fellow Daoist Ice Soul's blood soul?" Han Li asked.

Xu Qianyu hurriedly repressed her own incredulity as she replied in a respectful manner, "So it really is you, Senior Han! Our matriarch's blood soul left our Xu Family many years ago, and we haven't received any news from her since then."

Han Li was quite taken aback to hear this, and he said, "So she's disappeared again? That's rather surprising. Having said that, even though she's only a blood soul, I'm sure she'll be fine with her Body Integration Stage knowledge and experience."

"I certainly hope so. The blood soul is our Xu Family's only hope of finding our matriarch; if something were to happen to it, then Matriarch Ice Soul most likely won't ever be able to return to our family," Xu Qianyu replied with a wry smile.

Han Li nodded in response, then turned his attention toward Xiao Guan, upon which a faint smile appeared on his face.

"I didn't expect to see you here, Fellow Daoist Guan. You don't seem to have aged a day since we last met."

"Do you know this senior, Fellow Daoist Black Phoenix?" Mouse Monarch Dong Tian couldn't help but ask in a quiet voice.

"Fellow Daoist Han... No, it's Senior Han to me now. I didn't think that you would progress to the Grand Ascension cultivator so quickly; your breakthrough is truly fantastic news for our two races. Fellow Daoist Dong Tian, you've actually heard of Senior Han as well; he's the renowned human cultivator who's been making rapid strid

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