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After absorbing the remaining world's origin Qi in the air, the Provenance True Devil Projection swelled over 1,000 feet taller.

Meanwhile, Han Li's Nascent Soul and physical body were seated in a still manner down below, focused wholeheartedly on refining the world's origin Qi they had just absorbed.

Even with Han Li's powers, he had only managed to forcibly absorb the energy into his own body, and only following a refinement process would he be able to temporarily enhance his own powers.

However, this amount of energy was no issue at all for the gargantuan Provenance True Devil Projection; it had devoured the incoming five-colored light with ease, and it was only continuing to expand.

After a span of only around 15 minutes, the golden projection had swelled to close to 10,000 feet tall, standing like an immovable golden pillar between heaven and earth.

At this point, the spirit tide was beginning to subside, and it soon completely disappeared, following which the Nascent Soul flew toward Han Li's body as a streak of golden light.

The two combined as one again, and Han Li slowly opened his eyes.

As he sensed the magic power in his body that was on the verge of overflowing, he murmured to himself, "It worked! This should make my breakthrough a little easier to achieve."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he immediately made a hand seal before closing his eyes, and bright golden light radiated from his body as golden scales appeared all over his skin.

At the same time, an azure horn that was around half a foot in length appeared on his head.

The golden vortex in the air shattered amid a crisp crack, while an aura that was around twice as fearsome as it had been rose up from Han Li's body.

The clouds in the sky were all dispersed by this aura, allowing several rays of radiant sunlight to filter through.

At this moment, Han Li was rapidly making a series of hand seals while chanting something, and two additional golden heads and four extra golden arms appeared on the sides of his body.

At the same time, the color of his golden scales darkened and began to radiate a purplish-golden light.

He had activated his Provenance True Devil Arts to their maximal extent, and his enormous magic power was beginning to surge toward his bottleneck like a string of giant waves. However, it seemed that there was an invisible dam within his body, keeping the magic power firmly at bay.

It seemed that the process of breaking through the bottleneck definitely wouldn't be a short one.

Han Li continued to attack the bottleneck while sensing the changes taking place within his own body, and he had already prepared himself for a prolonged struggle.

A month later, Silvermoon was standing atop a mountain peak, appraising the basin from afar in an expressionless manner, but on this occasion, Zhu Guo'er had joined her.

Han Li had caused a massive commotion when commencing his breakthrough, and that was natu

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