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At Han Li's current level of power, there was virtually no issue in the human race that could stump him, so he wasn't overly concerned about the situation.

"I'd be happy to explain everything to you, Brother Han. Fellow Daoist Du, Fellow Daoist Han has just returned to the city, so you wouldn't mind if I filled him in on the recent state of affairs, would you? After all, this matter concerns his disciple," Elder Gu asked with a serious expression.

"My disciple?"

"Of course not."

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this, while Du Yu immediately agreed to the request.

"Indeed, this issue concerns one of your disciples, Brother Han. Am I correct in stating that you have a disciple who possesses a recessive lightning spiritual root, Brother Han?" Elder Gu asked.

"You must be referring to Hai Yuetian. He does indeed possess a recessive lightning spiritual root, but I don't recall ever telling anyone about this; how do all of you know about this?" Han Li asked as his expression changed slightly.

"Apparently, your disciple unintentionally revealed this on his own during a drunk ramble at a gathering," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue explained.

"I see. This disciple of mine has always been quite scatterbrained, so I'm not surprised to hear that. Go on, Brother Gu," Han Li sighed in a resigned manner.

Elder Gu offered a rather awkward smile before continuing, "I'm sure you're even more aware of the special properties of a recessive lightning spiritual root than we are, Fellow Daoist Han. The elders of the holy island were informed of this matter, so they issued an invitation to your disciple not long ago to borrow the power of his recessive lightning spiritual root. I'll get Fellow Daoist Du Yu to disclose the rest of the situation to you," Elder Gu said, deferring to Du Yu to continue the explanation.

All of the other elders present were thoroughly impressed by Elder Gu's wily deflection.

If he were to tell Han Li everything in the stead of the holy island envoys, it wouldn't be right of them to express any displeasure here, but they definitely wouldn't be pleased, nonetheless.

Thus, Elder Gu was essentially doing Du Yu a favor by allowing him to elaborate on the situation, and now that the negotiation was going to take place between Han Li and Du Yu, the panel of elders wouldn't incur the wrath of the holy island nor Han Li regardless of the final outcome.

Du Yu immediately saw through Elder Gu's intentions, and he nodded as he said, "In that case, allow me to explain the situation. The recessive lightning spiritual root possessed by Brother Han's disciple is extremely important to both our human and demon races. Aside from Senior Mo Jianli and Senior Ao Xiao, there are no other Grand Ascension Stage being among our two races, and both of them are at quite an advanced age, so we won't be able to rely on them for much longer."

Du Yu paused momentarily here, and solemn looks appeared on everyone's face upo

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