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A pair of Sacred Ancestors immediately gave affirmative responses, while the other Grand Ascension Stage beings and their disciples continued deeper into the original sealed site.

There was clearly an extremely powerful flight restriction in this area, as evidenced by the fact that even all of the Grand Ascension Stage beings could only fly slowly onward at low altitudes.

Of course, this was only relative to their normal speed; in the eyes of normal people, they were still extraordinarily fast.

Around an hour later, the group had already covered a distance of close to 10,000 kilometers.

All of a sudden, an extremely long canyon appeared up ahead, from within which clouds of thin purple mist were emerging before drifting up into the heavens.

What was rather concerning was that there was a rank odor being released from the mist that struck one with a sense of dizziness and also made one's spiritual sense very sluggish.

All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings swept their spiritual sense toward the purple mist, upon which all of their expressions changed slightly.

"Take care not to come into contact with too much of this stuff, fellow daoists. This is a manifestation of the Stemborer Queen's aura, and this is what's transformed the devilish insects of our holy realm into stemborers," Bao Hua cautioned.

All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings' hearts jolted upon hearing this, and some immediately bolstered the protective spiritual light around them, while others even went as far as to summon a few protective treasures.

However, the majority of the Grand Ascension Stage beings seemed to be quite confident in their own powers and didn't display any reaction.

Finally, everyone arrived in the air above the canyon, and they all drew a sharp breath at the sight that greeted them down below.

The canyon was immeasurably deep, and gusts of bone-chilling winds were surging out of it alongside the purple mist.

"Is this the place where the ancient seal is situated?" Han Li asked.

Bao Hua smiled, and replied, "The ancient seal is indeed located deep underground here. Back in ancient times, our holy race constructed a massive underground palace that encompasses the entire area with a radius of thousands of kilometers around this place. On top of that, a series of profound restrictions were set up, and the Stemborer Queen is situated right at the center of the underground palace. Due to the fact that a part of the ancient seal's power is now under the Stemborer Queen's control, we had been unable to enter the underground palace.

"However, this just so happens to be a period of time that comes around cyclically where there's a massive eruption of the world's origin Qi. As a result, the power of the ancient seal is quite unstable, and we'll be able to enter the underground palace. Otherwise, we'd still be able to force our way into the underground palace, but that would definitely awaken the Stemborer Queen.

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