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A chill immediately ran down the spine of Han Li's Nascent Soul upon seeing this, and it felt as if it were a mortal in the presence of a fearsome beast.

The Nascent Soul immediately made a hand seal while letting loose a low cry, and the space within a radius of around half a kilometer tremored before everything suddenly became extremely sluggish as if the air had congealed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Nascent Soul vanished on the spot, then appeared several kilometers away amid a burst of spatial fluctuations before casting a wary gaze toward the gargantuan creature.

From a distance, Han Li was finally able to see the true appearance of the massive creature, and he discovered it to be a mountainous menacing head!

The head had a pair of purple eyes and a huge golden horn. It was covered in faint silver scales, and had four extremely long feelers extending from it.

"It's a true dragon!" Han Li exclaimed.

In the next instant, the giant dragon's head whipped through the air, and the congealed space instantly returned to normal.

The dragon's head was still appraising Han Li intently, and it suddenly said in a rumbling voice, "So you're a new Grand Ascension Stage fellow daoist; it looks like this is your first time going on a spiritual journey, right?"

"This is indeed my first time on a spiritual journey. Are you a true dragon? Why have you appeared here?" the Nascent Soul asked in a cautious manner.

"Hehe, your Nascent Soul is far more consolidated than even most veteran Grand Ascension Stage beings, yet there are still wisps of the world's origin Qi escaping from it, clearly indicating that it's only recently reached completion. As for myself, I am indeed a true dragon, namely a Clear Purple Dragon. I encountered a powerful foe not long ago, so I had no choice but to hide here for some time," the giant dragon's head chuckled in a truthful manner.

Immediately thereafter, a gargantuan body the size of a mountain range forced its way out of the space behind the massive dragon's head.

Sure enough, it was a colossal dragon covered in shimmering silver scales, but its body was riddled with wounds and missing large patches of scales, clearly looking very much worse for wear.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, and he was forced to avert his gaze as scintillating light radiated from the scales of the silver dragon.

All of a sudden, the gargantuan creature disappeared, and in its place stood a young man who appeared to be around 16 years of age, appraising Han Li with a faint smile.

"Greetings, Fellow Daoist; my name is Fan Paozi. May I know your name? I am an acquaintance of Fellow Daoist Mo of your human race."

"Ah, so you're acquainted with Brother Mo. I am Han Li, and I've heard much about the vastly renowned Clear Purple Dragon. The enemy that you were referring to must be quite an extraordinary being as well to have inflicted these wounds upon you," Han Li's Nascent So

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