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A hint of despair also flashed over the woman's face, but she then immediately gritted her teeth as she prepared to use a restricted technique, preparing to sacrifice herself to take down as many devilish beings as possible.

However, she had only just made a hand seal when spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted up above, following which a gorgeous figure appeared amid a flash of silver light.

This came as quite a surprise to both the human cultivators and devilish beings, but before they had a chance to react, the silver figure turned toward the devilish beings, and harrumphed coldly, "To think that devilish beings would dare to set foot here; you must have a death wish!"

As soon as her voice trailed off, brilliant silver light erupted from her body, and countless translucent threads shot forth in all directions.

The surrounding devilish beings were greatly alarmed by this, and they immediately adopted defensive measures, but the translucent threads disregarded all of their defenses, then passed through their bodies, cutting them down like helpless weeds.

Even the snake-headed Spatial Tempering Stage devilish being had been slain, and as his body plummeted toward the ground, there was still a look of incredulity and shock etched on his face.

He was leading a group of powerful devilish beings in pursuit of some human cultivators who were far weaker than them, and he had thought that this would be a simple task, so to lose his life here was naturally a twist of fate that he would've never expected.

In contrast, all of the human cultivators were ecstatic.

They were immediately led down from above by the woman in the palatial dress, who said in an extremely respectful manner, "Thank you for saving our lives, Senior; if you hadn't stepped in, my brethren of the Xu Family and I would've all been killed by those devilish beings."

The silver figure seemed to be rather taken aback to hear this, and she asked, "The Xu Family? Is this the Xu Family that Fairy Ice Soul hails from?"

The woman in the palatial dress also faltered momentarily before replying in a careful manner, "Do you know our matriarch, Senior? We are all descendants of Matriarch Ice Soul!"

"I don't know Fairy Ice Soul myself, but I have a good friend who shares ties with your matriarch. How were you pursued by devilish beings all the way to this place?" The silver light around the silver figure faded, revealing the stunningly gorgeous Silvermoon.

During her time spent with Han Li, she had naturally been made aware of the existence of Fairy Ice Soul and the Xu Family, which was why she had suddenly adopted such a benevolent demeanor.

If she were facing another group of unfamiliar human cultivators instead, she would be far more aloof and distant.

The woman in the palatial dress was quite relieved to hear this, and she asked, "A good friend of our matriarch's? May I ask the name of the senior you're referring to? Perhaps I've heard of th

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