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Old Man Copper Crow parted his fingers to reveal a translucent crimson feather that looked as if it had been carved out of crystal.

He stared at the feather for a short while with a hesitant expression, then suddenly tossed it back to Bao Hua before taking a deep breath. "I didn't think that you would be fortunate enough to meet that senior, Bao Hua. In that case, I'll place my trust in you just this once. Tell us your plan."

"Thank you, Fellow Daoist; I'd be more than happy to share my plan. Does anyone else have any objections?" Bao Hua asked with a smile.

"We would all like to hear your plan, Fellow Daoist Bao Hua."

"Indeed, I'm sure that a plan proposed by Fellow Daoist Bao Hua would be a reliable one."

The other Grand Ascension Stage beings were quite relieved to see that Old Man Copper Crow was willing to compromise, and they were all eager to hear what Bao Hua had to say.

"Thank you for your kind words, everyone. Truth be told, I ventured into the original sealed site on a second occasion around half a year ago." All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings present were stunned to hear this.

"What? You ventured into the original sealed site again? How is that possible? How did you do that?"

Not only were the foreign Grand Ascension Stage beings astonished by this revelation, even the Sacred Ancestors present were completely dumbstruck, having clearly not heard about this in advance.

"There's no need to be alarmed, fellow daoists. I was able to do this as I've cultivated several profound concealment abilities, and also because I had the Faux Illusion Sky Mirror to assist me. Using that treasure, I was able to avoid alerting those stemborers, and once I entered the original sealed site, I discovered that some new developments had transpired, and those developments convinced me that it was possible to achieve both objectives simultaneously," Bao Hua explained.

"What did you see that made you change your mind, Fellow Daoist Bao Hua?" a Grand Ascension Stage being couldn't help but ask.

"Due to the power of the seal, I was unable to venture deep into the original sealed site and could only inspect the site from the outskirts. During my inspection though, I discovered that some changes seemed to have taken place in the ancient seal," Bao Hua revealed.

"What are those changes, Fellow Daoist?" another Grand Ascension Stage being asked with a serious expression.

"There's no need to be concerned. In a sense, these changes are a good thing. What I discovered was that the ancient seal seems to be in the process of repairing itself. Even though the process is extremely slow, the ancient seal is definitely more powerful than it was on the last occasion I ventured into the original sealed site, and it seems that seal possesses some level of sentience," Bao Hua replied with a smile.

All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings present couldn't help but exchange bewildered glances upon hearing this.


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