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Meanwhile, at the foot of a tall cliff at the center of the holy island, Han Li was staring intently at a massive crystalline wall that was around 1,000 feet tall.

Daoist Xie was standing beside him, and he was also appraising the giant wall.

Around 80 feet away from the two of them, there were two green-robed elderly men standing off to the side with overawed expressions.

They were naturally the guards of this place, and they were both at the late-Spatial Tempering Stage.

As soon as Han Li arrived, he released a sliver of his Grand Ascension Stage spiritual pressure, and the pair of elderly men immediately granted him access.

At this point, Han Li had already cast his gaze over the contents of the entire crystalline wall, and his attention was currently focused on several ancient golden characters that were ranked third on the list.

"Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword," Han LI murmured to himself as he reflexively began to stroke his own forearm.

A certain diagram on his forearm began to heat up and throb slightly under his fingertips.

Han Li exhaled before suddenly asking, "Is this Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword the newest Profound Heavenly Treasure on the roll? I heard that all races on the Tian Yuan Continent had been scrambling to search for it when it first appeared."

The two green-robed elderly men exchanged a glance before one of them stepped forward, and replied, "Indeed, Senior. When this Profound Heavenly Treasure first appeared on the roll, even some super races from other continents had sent people to search for it, but for some reason, none of them managed to find it, and no news of it arose thereafter. However, I'm sure those major races are still searching for it in secret."

"Perhaps so. Let's go now, Brother Xie," Han Li said with a smile, then immediately departed.

"We are greatly honored by your visit, seniors!" The pair of green-robed elderly men hurriedly extended respectful bows as they spoke.

Shortly after their departure, Han Li suddenly asked, "Brother Xie, do you know anything about this Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll?"

"I have no recollection of this object, and nor have I ever heard my past master mention it, but I did sense a hint of immortal spiritual Qi within it just now."

"Immortal spiritual Qi?" Han Li was quite stunned to hear this.

"Indeed. It's far from abundant, but it's extremely pure, no less so than the immortal spiritual Qi in the spirit liquid you've been providing me with," Daoist Xie replied.

"That's quite interesting. It's been many years since our Spirit Realm lost contact with the True Immortal Realm, but it seems that some things can't be completely severed," Han Li mused.

Daoist Xie's expression remained unchanged, and he offered no response to this.

The holy island wasn't very large, and with the map provided to him by Li Rong, Han Li soon arrived in front of a small teleportation formation.

He stepped into the telepo

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