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The young man was naturally none other than Han Li, who had finally arrived back at Deep Heaven City after traveling for close to half a year.

At this moment, a man and two women also emerged from the cabin of the ark; they were Silvermoon, Daoist Xie, and Zhu Guo'er.

A hint of surprise also flashed through Silvermoon's eyes at the sight of the elders on the city wall.

Elder Gu finally returned to his senses, and even though he was feeling very apprehensive internally, he still put on a smile and returned Han Li's salute. "It's fantastic news for our city that you've returned, Brother Han, but we were actually unaware of your return and are waiting for someone else. Otherwise, we definitely would've been better prepared to welcome you."

He swept his spiritual sense toward Han Li as he spoke, only to discover that he was completely unable to ascertain Han Li's cultivation base; all he could sense was that Han Li's aura had become even more unfathomable, and his heart immediately jolted upon sensing this.

Even though he didn't know the outcome of Han Li's breakthrough attempt, it was clear that he had become significantly more powerful nonetheless.

All of the other elders also attempted to detect Han Li's cultivation base, but with their spiritual sense, there was obviously no way they would be able to glean anything unless Han Li explicitly released his Grand Ascension Stage spiritual pressure.

Thus, everyone was left feeling quite uneasy, and the smiles they put on were rather forced.

Han Li could see how unnatural everyone's expressions were, and his heart stirred slightly, but his own expression remained unchanged as he said, "I see. It must be quite an important guest for all of you to be gathered here in welcome. Could it be one of Senior Mo Jianli or Senior Ao Xiao?"

"I'm afraid not; it's been a while since we've lost contact with those two seniors," Elder Gu said in a slightly hesitant voice as his smile faded slightly.

Even with his wealth of experience, he was unsure of whether he should disclose the matter about the holy island envoys.

Fortunately for him, there was no need for him to mull over this issue any longer as right at this moment, a vast expanse of five-colored light came surging forth from the distance.

It appeared to be moving quite slowly, but it arrived above the city in just a few flashes, revealing a pristine white giant ark that was around five times larger than Han Li's jade ark.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, then cast his gaze toward the giant ark to find that there were around a dozen people standing on it, and the trio at the forefront possessed auras far superior to those of the people behind them.

The trio was comprised of a yellow-haired and green-eyed man who appeared to be in his thirties, a graceful and refined white-robed young man, and a hideous dark-skinned woman.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense over the trio and immediately detected

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