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Han Li's pupils contracted drastically upon seeing this, and he immediately made a different hand seal.

All of a sudden, the Provenance True Devil Projection hurled its giant sword away, then instantly adopted its golden body form as countless golden runes began to revolve around it.

The golden body then opened its three mouths in unison, releasing a burst of white shockwaves that swept straight into the dust storm.

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the white shockwaves exploded, impacting the entire dust storm.

In the wake of the explosion, all of the grey warriors within the dust storm were instantly reduced to dust.

However, in the next instant, hundreds of thousands of warriors took shape once again before lashing out with their weapons, sending countless streaks of yellow light raining down from above.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and he pointed a finger at the Provenance Golden Body.

The white shockwaves being released by the golden body immediately ceased, and it took a large stride forward before waving its six arms through the air.

A string of resounding booms rang out as six thick pillars of light erupted forth, instantly combining as one to form a golden tornado beneath the dust storm.

The tornado was several thousand feet tall with countless golden runes surging out of it in a frenzy alongside a burst of incredible suction force.

The descending streaks of yellow light were all drawn by this suction force into the tornado, where they vanished amid a string of dull thumps.

As for the countless guards within the boundless dust storm, they were also forcibly drawn toward the tornado like moths to a flame.

After the span of just a few breaths, the entire dust storm was cleared, leaving only the dark clouds and golden tornado behind.

The tornado was still revolving rapidly with rumbling ringing out incessantly within it, and Han Li heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this as an elated look appeared on his face.

He swept a sleeve toward the tornado, releasing a series of incantation seals of different colors, all of which disappeared into the tornado in rapid succession.

In the next instant, a dull thump rang out, and the rumbling within the tornado abruptly ceased while it began to quickly shrink.

Moments later, the tornado completely vanished, and a head-sized crystal ball of an earthy yellow color plummeted out of the sky.

Han Li made a grabbing motion to draw the crystal ball into his grasp, and as soon as the object landed in his hand, his arm was involuntarily brought down slightly.

Han Li immediately made an adjustment to steady himself, but a look of surprise still appeared in his eyes.

The crystal ball wasn't special in appearance in any way, but it weighed hundreds of tons, and even with Han Li's extraordinary strength, it had almost slipped out of his grasp.

He didn't know what type of material had been created from his f

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