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"Skip all the pleasantries, Bao Hua; tell us if you've managed to refine the treasures required to ward off the stemborers' explosions. Some of us have had to provide many precious materials to you for the sake of those treasures." The one who had spoken was a man that was entirely enshrouded in golden light, and he seemed to be quite familiar with Bao Hua.

"Greetings, Fellow Daoist Li Miao. Rest assured, I wouldn't have accepted those materials if I wasn't confident in my ability to refine the treasures. Please take a look."

Bao Hua raised a slender hand as she spoke, and two balls of light, one black and one white, emerged from her palm.

At the centers of those balls of light were a flag that was emblazoned with countless silver stars, and a mirror containing a winged white tiger image, respectively.

"These two treasures can counter those self-detonating stemborers? They don't look all that special," another being enshrouded in green Qi said in a skeptical voice.

A middle-aged man dressed like a king interjected, "Hehe, I'm afraid you're wrong there, Fellow Daoist Lü Shi. These two treasures appear quite ordinary, but they seem to be related to the legendary Profound Heavenly Treasures, Star Moon Flag and Illusion Sky Mirror. Could it be that these are replicas of those two treasures?"

A stir immediately rang through the hall, and many people began to reassess the treasures Bao Hua was displaying with stunned expressions.

Bao Hua nodded calmly in response. "These two treasures are indeed replicas of the Star Moon Flag and Illusion Sky Mirror. I refer to them as Starfall Flag and Faux Illusion Sky Mirror."

"I've heard that the Star Moon Flag is one of very few treasures that can draw upon the power of stars, while the Illusion Sky Mirror possesses the unmatched ability to conceal the entire heavens; do those two treasures of yours possess some of those abilities, Fellow Daoist Bao Hua?" Another voice suddenly rang out in the hall, but strangely enough, no one could pinpoint where the voice was coming from.

"You must be a fellow daoist from the Black Night Realm, right? As expected of someone cultivating darkness-attribute abilities; your concealment skills are truly unmatched. To answer your question, the Starfall Flag and Faux Illusion Sky Mirror will only be around 50% as potent as the treasures they're replicating at most, but according to my estimates, that should be enough to deal with the self-detonating stemborers," Bao Hua replied with a smile.

The Grand Ascension Stage being from the Black Night Realm was silent for a moment before continuing, "Seeing as you're so confident in these two treasures, I'm sure they'll work just fine. Now that the issue of the self-detonating stemborers has been resolved, I think we should devise a plan for how to restrict the Stemborer Queen once we enter the original sealed site."

"Of course. Even though quite a large number of us have gathered here, we'll stil

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