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Within the flashing lights, a gargantuan mountain that was close to 100,000 feet tall appeared high up in the air.

Just the base of the gigantic mountain was close to 50 kilometers in size, and the shadow that it case encompassed the entire central area of Deep Heaven City.

Such a massive commotion naturally drew the attention of everyone around the plaza, and they all looked up with stunned expressions, only to be greeted by the sight of the enormous underside of the mountain.

It wasn't the case that no one had seen such a massive mountain before, but no one had ever seen a mountain of this stature hovering in mid-air.

What made this situation even more astonishing was that there had been nothing in the air just a moment ago.

Even further in the distance, there were more people rushing over to attend the ceremony, and they were able to glean the entirety of the three-colored mountain, which filled them with a sense of awe and veneration as well.

At the same time, the approaching cultivators discovered that the top half of the mountain was littered with countless pavilions, while the summit of the mountain was enshrouded within a layer of thin white mist, seemingly obscuring something from view.

Some of the more curious cultivators ignored the guards on the plaza down below and flew directly toward the giant mountain.

At this moment, the silver light finally faded, and the three-colored mountain ceased in its expansion.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face at the sight of the cultivators flying toward the massive mountain, and he made a hand seal in a nonchalant manner.

Countless runes immediately flashed on the surface of the three-colored mountain, conjuring up a transparent restriction that encompassed all of the space within several kilometers of the mountain.

All of the cultivators that reached this area were instantly repelled and kept at bay by an invisible light barrier.

After steadying themselves, the cultivators exchanged a few glances, but no one dared to try and barge their way through any further.

It was clear that this giant mountain was somehow related to Han Li, and if they were to irk this new Grand Ascension Stage patriarch, it would be akin to committing suicide.

All of a sudden, a casual male voice rang out from the peak of the mountain.

"I am truly honored to have so many fellow daoists attend my celebratory ceremony. Those who are eligible to attend the ceremony can enter through the teleportation formations down below; I will be awaiting your arrival on the Grand Ascension Immortal Platform at the mountain's summit."

The voice belonged to none other than Han Li, and he had used some type of ability to make it clearly audible to all of the people attending the ceremony.

"Senior Han!"

"That's Patriarch Han's voice!"

A stir immediately ran through the nearby cultivators upon hearing this voice, and they all descended toward the plaza down below.

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