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The seven winged women let loose a collective delicate cry, and crimson magma-like liquid instantly poured out of all seven formations.

The liquid quickly spread over the vast expanse of blood mist, forming a sea of ferocious flames.

However, what was quite strange was that the sea of flames was giving off a frosty sensation rather than scorching heat.

The seven formations began to swell drastically amid a flash of light before combining as one, forming an ancient "seal" character that was around an acre in size before descending toward the sea of flames.

In the instant that the rune entered the sea of flames, it vanished into the fire as specks of spiritual light.

In the next instant, countless specks of light surged out of the sea of flames in a frenzy, forming a reddish-black light barrier that sealed the entire sea of fire beneath it.

Countless runes surged over the surface of the light barrier and fluctuated erratically in size, presenting a mysterious sight to behold.

The elation on the elderly man's face became even more pronounced upon seeing this, and he immediately rushed over to the air above the sea of flames.

After that, he opened his mouth to expel a ball of white light, which landed in his hand to reveal a white jade vial that was around a foot in size.

The elderly man then raised the vial up with both hands while chanting something, and a burst of scorching white flames instantly surged forth, transforming into three white fiery wyrms that plunged straight through the light barrier and into the sea of fire.

The three fiery wyrms blasted bursts of white flames out of their mouths, and the sea of flames began to burn with even greater ferocity.

At this moment, the seven winged women and the elderly man all sat down with their legs crossed and closed their eyes while making a series of hand seals.

Ferocious waves of fire were swept up within the sea of flames at their behest, and countless balls of flames exploded as the three fiery wyrms threatened to tear through and incinerate everything.

If a normal cultivator were to fall into this sea of flames, they would most likely be instantly reduced to ashes.

However, Han Li's calm voice rang out from within the sea of fire only a short while later.

"Is this all you've got? It's not that impressive."

The elderly man and seven devilish women were stunned to hear this, and they all opened their eyes before turning their attention toward the sea of flames.

All of a sudden, a clear cry rang out from within the sea of fire, and a silver Fire Raven that was several tens of feet in size emerged before flying toward the light barrier up above.

The Fire Raven had shimmering silver feathers that were burning with silver flames, and was extremely dazzling to behold.

The elderly man's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he immediately pointed a finger toward the sea of flames.

The three fiery wyrms instantly rose

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