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"The Essence Replenishment Pill can help you recover some of your energy, but if you want to fully recover, you'll have to rest some more. Before that, tell me how you fell victim to a Blood Curse Insect; those things are extremely rare on our Tian Yuan Continent," Han Li said with an intrigued expression.

"Seeing as you're aware of the existence of Blood Curse Insects, I'm sure you're also aware that they're not found on our Tian Yuan Continent. I fell prey to this Blood Curse Insect on the Blood Sky Continent, and if it weren't for the special nature of my body, I most likely wouldn't have been able to return alive to our Xu Family," the blood soul sighed.

"So you really did go to the Blood Sky Continent. According to Fellow Daoist Xu Jiao, didn't you intend to go to the Thunder Continent? Why have you gone to the Blood Sky Continent instead?" Han Li asked.

"I did indeed go to the Thunder Continent first, but after recovering a part of my memories, I discovered that I had to pay the Blood Sky Continent a visit as well, and that was something I didn't foresee," the blood soul replied with a wry smile.

"I see. According to my knowledge, Blood Curse Insects are extremely rare even on the Blood Sky Continent, and not just any cultivator can come into possession of them; it looks like you must've run into quite a bit of trouble on the Blood Sky Continent," Han Li said with a meaningful expression.

"That's an understatement; I've made myself several powerful enemies on the Blood Sky Continent, and if I were to return to the continent on my own, there's a very good chance that it'll be my final resting place," the blood soul sighed.

"Oh? It sounds like you plan to go back to the Blood Sky Continent again," Han Li remarked as his brows furrowed slightly.

"Unfortunately, that is a trip that I must make. My newfound memories tell me that Ice Soul vanished on the Blood Sky Continent, and I've already gathered some leads, but if I want to find my true body, then another trip to the Blood Sky Continent will be nothing short of mandatory," the blood soul said in a resigned manner.

"So Fellow Daoist Ice Soul disappeared on the Blood Sky Continent; it's no wonder that the Xu Family was unable to track down any leads. Having said that, this still doesn't explain why you decided to offer the Heavenvoid Cauldron to me," Han Li said with an inquisitive expression.

A peculiar look flashed through the blood soul's eyes upon hearing this, and she suddenly turned to the other members of the Xu Family present before instructing, "You can all go now; I have something very important to discuss in private with Senior Han, and I'll call for you if I need anything."

Xu Jiao and the others didn't dare to oppose her wishes, and he replied, "Yes, Senior; we'll be waiting outside."

"Senior Han, may I ask these fellow daoists to give us some privacy as well?" the blood soul asked as she cast a hesitant gaze toward Silvermoon and the

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