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As the stone door was opened, Daoist Xie had already sensed what Han Li was doing, and he arrived before Han Li in a flash, then appraised him with silver light flashing within his eyes.

At this point, Daoist Xie had already recovered his Grand Ascension Stage powers, and his gaze was sharp as a blade, striking Han Li with a sense of discomfort.

Daoist Xie seemed to have identified something during his inspection, and he asked, "Are you preparing to make a breakthrough to the Grand Ascension Stage, Fellow Daoist Han?"

Han Li wasn't surprised to hear this question, and he replied, "Indeed."

"You're currently in peak condition in all areas, so your chances of making a successful breakthrough should at least exceed 50%; such a high probability is very rare even in the True Immortal Realm," Daoist Xie said.

"That's very reassuring to hear. My breakthrough is going to cause quite a commotion, so it'll most likely attract some bystanders; please keep a lookout for me, Brother Xie," Han Li requested as he cupped his fist in a salute.

"I can do that, but if I have to expend any energy to protect you, then that will be coming out of the elixir you've supplied to me," Daoist Xie said with an indifferent nod.

"Of course, I'll be counting on you then, Fellow Daoist," Han Li replied with a smile.

Just as he was preparing to leave, the door of the other secret chamber also opened with a dull thump, and a beautiful woman emerged from inside; it was none other than Silvermoon.

Her complexion was slightly pale, but she wore an elated expression as she cast her gaze toward Han Li.

"Congratulations on making such large strides in your cultivation base, but isn't it too early to be attempting a Grand Ascension Stage breakthrough? Why don't you consolidate for a few more years?"

It was clear that Silvermoon currently wasn't being afflicted by the effects of the Art of Indifference.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward Silvermoon, and replied with a smile, "Your cultivation base has also progressed during these past few decades; it looks like the cultivation art provided by Senior Ao Xiao has been quite effective. I'm currently in a very special state, so if I can't successfully make a breakthrough now, then I'll most likely still fail even if I were given 1,000 more years to prepare."

"Your cultivation base and experience far exceeds my own, so I'm sure you have your reasons for making this decision. Let me keep a lookout for you alongside Brother Xie to prevent any pesky individuals from disrupting you," Silvermoon offered.

"That would naturally be more than welcome. By the way, where is Guo'er? She doesn't seem to be in the cave abode right now," Han Li asked.

"Guo'er had recently encountered a bottleneck in her cultivation and needs to absorb the essence of the rising sun daily to make a breakthrough. Hence, she moved out of the cave abode a few years ago and is cultivating by herself on a nearby mou

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