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"The day when the five suns transition into moons? Now that you mention it, this centenary phenomenon is indeed going to take place in two months, but how does it have anything to do with the city's protective formation?" Fairy Silver Light asked.

Han Li was very knowledgeable in formations, and he quickly theorized, "On the day when the five suns transition into moons, the Yang energy of heaven and earth will be severely lacking; could it be that this formation draws its power from this energy?"

"Precisely, Fellow Daoist Han. Our four sects set up a Nine Sun Astral Formation in the city, and the more Yang energy of heaven and earth it can absorb, the more powerful it'll be. At the height of its powers, it wouldn't be impossible for it to kill even devilish lords. It's exactly because of this formation that the devilish army hasn't dared to launch an all-out attack against our city. Not only can this formation only be set up in a place where nine plots of earthly fire can be found, the materials required have exhausted almost the entire wealth of our four sects. On top of that, it's limited by the fact that it can only unleash its power after absorbing an enormous amount of the Yang energy of heaven and earth. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be an issue, but due to the issue outlined earlier, we're truly in a dire situation," Lin Luan said with tightly furrowed brows.

"Nine Sun Astral Formation? If this formation is as powerful as you say, then why have I never heard of it before?" Fairy Silver Light asked.

"That's no surprise; this formation is one that was created by a dozen or so of our four sect's formation masters, and it took over 1,000 years for them to do so. Its powers are definitely not inferior to those the legendary ancient formations," Fairy Lin Luan explained in a slightly proud manner.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged upon hearing this, but he was actually quite surprised. Only a major power such as this one would be able to gather enough resources and manpower to create a new formation of such staggering power. It seemed that the four sects were very powerful, and had been preparing for this devilish tribulation for a long time.

Not only had they gathered four Body Integration cultivators, they had even created such an extraordinary formation.

A thought suddenly occurred to Han Li, and he smiled as he said, "This Nine Sun Astral Formation does sound very powerful, but the city is facing an army of devilish elites led by four devilish lords; surely this formation alone isn't enough to make the army so wary of the city."

"Indeed, this formation is extremely powerful, but it will surely take quite a while to activate, so it would be quite a stretch to use it against the four devilish lords. On top of that, there's a devilish lord at the pinnacle of the late-Body Integration Stage among the devilish army; will a formation really be enough to oppose such a powerful being?" Fairy Silver

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