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Close to 1,000 kilometers behind the armies were groups of metamorphosis stage demonic cultivators and high-grade devilish beings appraising one another from afar.

They didn't participate in the battle; they merely looked on as the battle unfolded before their eyes.


In the air above a certain area of the ocean, a burst of black Qi that stretched for as far as the eyes could see was currently surging toward a city on a certain massive island.

Within the black Qi were countless devilish shadows, and it seemed that there was a massive army enshrouded within it.

All of a sudden, a thunderous dragon's roar erupted from the seabed near the island, immediately following which howling winds were swept up alongside enormous waves.

These waves then parted, and an azure beast that was over 100,000 feet in length emerged from within the ocean.

The surface of the beast's head was covered in moss and stones, making it impossible to glean its true appearance. It cast its gaze toward the oncoming black Qi with a cold look in its murky eyes, then opened its gargantuan mouth, which resembled a bottomless abyss.

A resounding rumbling boom rang out, and the entire surface of the ocean began to tremor.

Bursts of blue light erupted out of the creature's enormous mouth in a frenzy, then transformed into blue tornados that surged toward the black Qi.

There were tens of thousands of devilish beasts within the black Qi, but they were completely no match for those tornados and were quickly swept up by them.

Due to the astonishing amount of seawater that had been sucked into the gigantic creature's mouth, the nearby sea level momentarily fell, and after all of the devilish beasts were devoured by the creature, it closed its eyes and slowly sank into the ocean again.

Thus, peace and quiet instantly returned to the area, and it was as if that menacing burst of devilish Qi had never even appeared here.

On another huge island in the distance, there was a tall and broad humanoid figure standing atop a tall tower, appraising everything from afar with a cold look in his eyes.


Meanwhile, at Deep Heaven City!

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