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Lord Li was naturally ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately gave an affirmative response before suddenly changing directions.

At this point, the streak of green light was still close to 10 kilometers away, and a vicious look appeared on Lord Li's face as he flew directly toward a cluster of small mountains.

This was where the other two devilish lords were hiding, and they had also set up an extremely discreet formation there.

In Lord Li's mind, all they had to do was use the formation to kill the female human cultivator within the streak of green light, which would leave Han Li on his own, and the three of them would definitely be able to take him down together.

Fairy Silver Light was naturally completely oblivious to this insidious plot, and she continued to give chase as quickly as she could.

Within the span of just a few breaths, the two of them were about to enter the cluster of small mountains. Just as Lord Li was about to fly into one of the mountains however, a rumbling thunderclap suddenly erupted right above him, following which a giant four-winged bird emerged amid a flash of silver lightning.

The bird then flapped its four wings and vanished again as an arc of lightning.

In the next instant, Lord Li heard a thunderclap erupt right above his head, following which a set of enormous talons came sweeping down from above at such a rapid speed that there was no time for him to take evasive measures.

In his shock and fury, he could only pour forth more energy into the protective spiritual light around his body, causing it to swell drastically and form a virtually substantial light barrier.

However, the light barrier posed no impediment to the talons and was torn apart with ease. Lord Li let loose a bloodcurdling cry as his body plummeted down from above. At the same time, two geysers of blood erupted from his shoulders, which had clearly just been pierced through by the giant bird's talons.

However, even after being caught off guard and sustaining these wounds, Lord Li was still able to retaliate. The pair of devilish flying wheels beneath him transformed into a pair of head-sized crimson-fireballs that shot forth directly toward the giant bird up above, and even before they had come into contact with the bird's body, the entire space had already been set alight.

At the same time, Lord Li twisted around and transformed into a streak of crimson light again before continuing to fly toward the small mountain, which was only around half a kilometer away.

As long as he could enter the devilish formation that had been set up and unite with his companions, he would no longer have to fear the giant bird he was being pursued by.

However, the giant four-winged bird up above merely harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and a layer of five-colored light suddenly erupted from its body as it transformed into an extremely exuberant Five-colored Peacock.

The peacock spread its wings to release balls

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