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The canoe carried the three young men away into the distance in the blink of an eye, and they displayed no interest in the battle that was currently taking place.

Tie Long was silent for a while before turning to the other two devilish lords. "You two, go after the two Body Integration Stage human cultivators that escaped; I'll lead the army to take over Heavenlean City. The final Body Integration Stage human cultivator fled back into the city, but he's severely wounded and doesn't have the Aura Integration Beast to help him anymore, so I'll take care of him along the way. As for that man, Master Xue Guang is going after him in person, so there's no way he'll be able to escape."

"Will you be alright on your own, Brother Tie? What if the humans still have some other trump cards up their sleeve..." Fairy Yu was rather hesitant.

"Rest assured, I have the Infernal Bloodform Guards with me, and we'll be able to take care of everything," Tie Long replied.

"In that case, I'll leave everything here to you, Brother Tie." Fairy Yu nodded in response before flying away as a streak of pink light, heading straight toward the direction that Fairy Silver Light had just fled toward.

As for Fei Ya, he had already forcibly repressed the poison in his body and also departed as a streak of white in pursuit of Fairy Lin Luan.

Following the departure of the other devilish lords, Tie Long yelled, "All of the Body Integration Stage human cultivators have fled; it's time for us to take over this city!"

His voice was imbued with immense devilish might, and it rang out like a resounding thunderclap in the ears of the human and devilish armies down below.

The devilish beings all let loose cries of elation, and they began to attack with even greater ferocity.

As for the humans on the battlefield, all of them had turned deathly pale, and morale instantly plummeted to an all-time low.

In this dire situation, Master Azure Dragon's voice suddenly rang out like rumbling thunder from some part within the city. "Hmph, do you really think I didn't prepare any other trump cards? If you want to break our Heavenlean City, you'll have to get past these 108 giant puppets first!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, over 100 pillars of golden light emerged in all corners of the city, then transformed into a series of golden-armored guards.

These guards were clad in golden armor from head to toe, and they were each wielding a giant golden sword that was around the same size as their bodies. All of them were also wearing visors that revealed only pairs of cold silver eyes.

Even though these 108 golden-armored puppets were only hovering in mid-air in a completely still manner, they were releasing formidable auras that weren't inferior to those of Spatial Tempering cultivators.

The despairing human army was naturally greatly reinvigorated upon seeing this, and they began to retaliate against the devilish army with renewed vigor.


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