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However, the tip of the spear only managed to pierce several inches into the golden body's body chest before being stopped cold in its tracks. At the same time, six golden blades appeared in the golden body's hands again before being slashed toward the massive spear.

The devilish projection down below seemed to have also sensed that something was amiss, and it immediately attempted to withdraw the giant spear, but it was already too late.

A layer of translucent light appeared over the surface of the Provenance Golden Body, and a burst of immense suction force immediately acted upon the giant spear, thereby completely immobilizing it.

Right at this moment, countless blade projections rained down from the six golden blades being wielded by the golden body, and the projections came crashing down in a torrential wave that threatened to inundate both the devilish projection and Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang harrumphed coldly upon seeing this before taking a half-step backward, then made a strange hand seal that was accompanied by an unintelligible incantation.

A buzzing sound rang out from the small canoe, and a crimson light barrier emerged to protect both Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang and the devilish projection.

The blade projections rained down upon the light barrier like a violent storm, but the barrier remained completely stable and unscathed.

Not only was this canoe an extremely powerful flying treasure, it also possessed incredible defensive abilities. It was no wonder that Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang was so calm and collected in the face of the Provenance Golden Body's attacks. All of a sudden, the devilish projection raised its head and let loose a low roar, upon which a layer of grey light flashed over the giant spear that was immobilized against the golden body's chest. As a result, the spear softened and transformed into a grey devilish python that was several hundred feet in length. The python had an inky-black horn on its head, and it lashed out with its massive body to wind itself tightly around the golden body.

If a normal Body Integration cultivator had been caught in the python's stranglehold, their body would instantly explode. However, the Provenance Golden Body was manifested from countless precious materials, and it was virtually indestructible. As such, not only did it manage to remain completely unscathed even as it was bound by the giant python, it suddenly began to expand. At the same time, the six golden blades it was wielding vanished in a flash, and as it waved its six arms through the air, countless golden fist projections were sent hurtling toward the massive python.

A string of rumbling booms rang out, and the giant python also seemed to possess an extremely resolute body; even though it was sustaining some damage from the golden fist projections, it was able to withstand the blows without too much trouble.

In retaliation, it opened its mouth and expelled a bur

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