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"Lord Tie isn't lying to us, is he? The human cultivator who killed Lord Li's trio just so happens to be in Heavenlean City? Is he saying this to make us join their attack against Heavenlean City? I've heard that this city is an extremely difficult nut to crack, unlike the other human settlements we've destroyed in the past," a pink-robed beauty said in a concerned manner.

Her companion was a silver-robed middle-aged man, and he shook his head in response. "Rest assured, Lord Tie is a borrowed devilish lord, and he has quite an uncouth personality, but he definitely wouldn't lie about something like this. After all, this is a task handed down by Master Xue Guang himself; there's no way he would risk invoking the wrath of Master Xue Guang. Besides, if that human cultivator really is in Heavenlean City, then there's no harm in lending them our power to attack the city."

"That's true. We did manage to find the place where Lord Li's trio was killed quite quickly, but the entire battlefield had been cleaned up, so we weren't able to find any useful leads. It really is quite fortunate for us that we've received some information here. At the very least, we'll be able to answer to Master Xue Guang," the woman sighed in a resigned manner.

"Indeed. I would be very fearful of the consequences that await us if we return without the item that Master Xue Guang is searching for. Alright, now that we have a solid lead, we have to prepare for a grueling battle now. Those human cultivators were able to kill Lord Li's trio, so even with the treasures that Master Xue Guang entrusted to us, we'll have to tread with caution. On top of that, those people are hiding in Heavenlean City; it'll most likely take a lot of effort to force them out of the city," the middle-aged man said as a cold look flashed through his eyes.

"Hmph, Lord Tie wishes to use our power to attack Heavenlean City, so he'll naturally be responsible for that. If he can't even do something so simple, then he has no right to join forces with us. Our only task is to kill the perpetrators behind the deaths of Lord Li's trio, and to recover the item that Master Xue Guang is searching for," the woman said in a proud manner.

"Hehe, don't underestimate Lord Tie and the others. Lord Tie himself is at the pinnacle of the late-Body Integration Stage, and he's only one step away from becoming a Sacred Ancestor. Fei Ya is still quite young, but as a direct lineal descendent of Sacred Ancestor Xue Tian he possesses powerful glacial abilities, it's said that even Master Xue Tian himself once praised his powers. On top of that, that Fairy Yu is a descendent of Sacred Ancestor Ming Luo as well, so she should definitely have a couple of powerful trump cards up her sleeve. The weakest one among them is most likely only Lord Yan." The middle-aged man seemed to have a very detailed understanding of the devilish lords that were attacking Heavenlean City.

"That's true. They want to borrow our powe

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