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His facial features twisted and warped before transforming into those of a young man who appeared to be around 16 to 17 years of age.

His pupils had also turned bright red, and he was giving off an overwhelming scent of blood and gore. The young man removed his hands from his head before slowly standing up straight again.

He looked around at the human and devilish beings down below with a peculiar expression, then appraised his own hands before suddenly bursting into raucous laughter. "I've finally arrived in the Spirit Realm! So that really was a viable method, after all. Haha, I'm probably the first Sacred Ancestor to have accomplished this; it really is a wonderful feeling..."

All of the high-grade human cultivators were very alarmed to hear this, while the high-grade devilish beings were ecstatic upon getting a clear glimpse of the young man's appearance.

One of the high-grade devilish beings immediately half-knelt onto the ground, and greeted, "We pay our respects to our Sacred Ancestor! Congratulations on descending into the Spirit Realm, Sacred Ancestor!"

His greeting seemed to have acted as a reminder to the other devilish beings, and the entire devilish army immediately knelt down in unison.

As for the human army, all of their faces instantly paled as they looked up with horror and despair in their eyes.

The devilish lords were still rather bewildered, seemingly more hesitant than elated.

Master Azure Dragon's expression changed drastically before a cold look appeared on his face, and he yelled, "No need to fear! This devil was only able to descend into this world after possessing a host, so he most likely doesn't possess even a tenth of the powers of his true body; we can still win this battle! Fairy Lin, get the Aura Integration Beast to kill this devil while we hold off the other devilish lords."

Fairy Lin Luan was rather hesitant, but after taking a glance at all of the human cultivators standing on the city wall, she gritted her teeth and nodded as she abruptly thrust a finger toward the crimson talisman on her own glabella.

The Aura Integration Beast suddenly let loose a thunderous roar at her behest, then expelled a gust of fierce yellow wind out of its cavernous mouth. The devilish beings around it were all blown aside, and it flapped its wings vigorously, forcibly tearing its way out of the devilish army as it flew toward the young man.

Even though the young man hadn't displayed any of his powers yet, the aura that he was giving off struck the beast with a sense of danger. As such, even without Fairy Lin Luan's instructions, it was still inclined to kill this young man in case he posed a threat to it later on.

Meanwhile, Master Azure Dragon let loose a loud roar, and the seven short blades re-emerged over his body as he transformed into a giant azure dragon once again. Howling winds and bolts of lighting erupted around him, and in the face of his ferocious barrage of attacks, the

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