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The handsome young man's eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the dismembered arm, and he let loose a low cry, upon which his body swelled to around twice its original size, and he transformed into a giant ghostly monarch in a set of brocade robes with a golden crown on his head.

His face had turned completely crimson in color, while his body was covered in green fur. There was also a row of bone spikes that were around a foot in length each protruding from his back, and there were four menacing tusks extending out of his mouth.

The ghostly monarch opened his mouth to expel a burst of grey Qi that swept up the dismembered arm, then drew the arm into his own mouth before chewing on it amid a burst of wince-inducing cracks and crunches.

The bald devilish lord's face was slightly pale as he yelled, "Alright, you've accepted my blood sacrifice, so hurry up and lend me your Heavenly Ghost Badge!"

After swallowing the entire arm, the ghostly monarch licked his lips with a long purple tongue, then said with a greedy look in his eyes, "Hehe, those two aren't ordinary beings; if you want me to summon the Heavenly Ghosts to assist you, then you'll need to offer a better sacrifice."

"What? You're asking for far too much! I'm only asking you to take care of two measly human cultivators, yet you're still not satisfied even after devouring one of my arms?" The bald devilish lord immediately flared up with rage.

"Hmph, you make it sound so simple. Can those two be compared with your past opponents? I'm most likely going to have to sacrifice many Heavenly Ghosts to take them down. It seems like you've already forgotten the pact that you made with me through this gate; do you need me to refresh your memory?" the ghostly monarch asked in a menacing voice.

The bald devilish lord's expression darkened even further, and he gritted his teeth before lashing out with the crimson blade again, slicing off one of his own legs on this occasion. "This should be enough, right? If you dare to say no, I'm going to destroy the pact between us even if it means we'll both end up with severe injuries!"

"Hehe, that is indeed enough." The ghostly monarch nodded in an ecstatic manner, then drew the dismembered leg into his own mouth as well.

Meanwhile, the bald devilish lord began to chant something, and bursts of black Qi emerged from his self-inflicted wounds, following which new limbs quickly emerged. However, doing so made his complexion even paler than before. It was quite clear that even though he had regenerated his own limbs, the blood essence that he had lost would not be replenished so easily.

After devouring the leg as well, the ghostly monarch let loose a long cry of elation, then swept a sleeve through the air to summon a crimson badge. He then tossed the badge behind himself while he flew into the ghostly gate as a gust of Yin wind, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The bald devilish lord's expression eased slightly at the

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