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The high-grade human cultivators' hearts jolted upon seeing this, and they didn't dare to pursue the retreating devilish cavaliers.

The copper puppet army also stopped not far away from Heavenlean City at the behest of some mysterious cultivators in the city.

After these devilish cavaliers retreated back to the giant arks, they immediately disappeared into the arks as specks of black light.

Once all of the devilish cavaliers had entered the arks, the Jialun War Devils also turned back and did the same thing.

A loud buzzing sound rang out, and all of the giant black arks instantly flew away into the distance, vanishing out of sight in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

After launching a massive attack against the city, the devilish army had retreated in an inexplicable fashion. Han Li and Fairy Silver Light couldn't help but exchange a befuddled glance upon seeing this.

Han Li was silent for a moment before analyzing in a contemplative manner, "Something's not right! If those Jialun War Devils had joined the battle, the devilish army could've immediately regained the upper hand, and if the devilish lords had been deployed as well, then it's quite possible that they could've forced their way into the city! With so many devilish elites in this army, I'm sure there would be quite a few devilish lords among their ranks as well. Two of Heavenlean City's grand elders have already perished, which means there are only two Body Integration cultivators left in the city, so they're at a grave disadvantage when it comes to top-grade forces. Heavenlean City must have some other trump card that the devilish army has already fallen prey to, which is why they're proceeding with such caution."

"That does indeed sound quite plausible. It seems that our task here may not be as difficult as we imagined!" Fairy Silver Light's expression eased slightly upon hearing this.

"I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Even if Heavenlean City does possess some kind of powerful trump card, it's most likely not enough to oppose the devilish army. Otherwise, they wouldn't have taken such a risk to request reinforcements from Deep Heaven City. We'll only know what the exact situation is like when we enter the city," Han Li said.

Fairy Silver Light nodded in response. "I guess so. Even though the devilish army has retreated, they've definitely left behind some scouts to monitor the situation here, but there's no way they can stop us, so let's head to the city right away. Fairy Lin Luan of the Heavenly Sovereign Sect is an old acquaintance of mine; I wonder how she's doing."

"Indeed, this is a great opportunity for us to enter the city. Let's go," Han Li agreed with a nod. At this point, the human cultivators and puppet army had also retreated back to the city, and the two of them began to fly toward the city as two streaks of light.

Their approach naturally attracted the attention of the high-grade human cultivators in the dis

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