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"From the sound of it, this Xue Guang must also be a Sacred Ancestor. If the Chaotic Yin Yang Qi is that important, then why did he entrust the treasure to someone else? Why didn't he wait until he could descend into the Spirit Realm so he could extract the Chaotic Yin Yang Qi himself?" Han Li asked in a skeptical manner.

"I've been trapped in here for countless years, so I don't know what his exact reasons could be. Perhaps the other Sacred Ancestors are already suspecting him and have sent spies to monitor him, so he doesn't dare to carry out this task in person. Alternatively, perhaps he's encountered some trouble in the sacred realm and can't descend into the Spirit Realm at all. Sacred Ancestors are able to send clones into this realm, but there are very few of them who can descend into this realm with their true body and not have to fear being rejected by this realm. Xue Guang doesn't rank very high among the Sacred Ancestors, so perhaps he's simply restricted by a lack of power. By the way, you came into possession of this Devil Sealing Lock, so you must've killed the devilish lords that you mentioned earlier; tell me about their abilities, and I'll see if I have any recollection of them," Che Qigong prompted.

Han Li thought about this for a moment before deciding that this information wasn't of any consequence, so he replied truthfully, "That does indeed sound rather plausible. Among the devilish lords I encountered, one of them had extraordinary strength and a physical body that seemed to be no less powerful than that of a Sacred Ancestor. As for his two companions, one could directly summon Heavenly Ghosts, while the other was adept in using Hierarchical True Devils..."

"I've only heard of one of those three, and he wasn't all that renowned back when I was first sealed into this treasure. However, he was already a subordinate of Xue Guang's at the time, so it seems that he really did entrust this Devil Sealing Lock to his subordinates."

"In that case, the leader of the devilish army that descended into this area is most likely this Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang," Han Li mused.

"Indeed. Unless all of my prior speculation was incorrect, that must be the case. You still haven't answered my original question yet; are there any places with Yin Yang Infernal Ponds or Earthly Hellish Flames nearby?" Che Qigong asked again in a serious voice.

"There's a valley around two month's travel away from here that contains Earthly Hellish Flames. This flame can only be used to refine some Yin flame treasures, so even though it's very rare, us human cultivators don't really pay it much heed," Han Li replied in a slow voice.

"My theories are virtually all but confirmed, then. Xue Guang must've sent his three subordinates to this place to try and extract some Chaotic Yin Yang Qi from this Devil Sealing Lock, only for it to be taken by you!" Che Qigong guffawed, clearly taking a lot of pleasure in Xue Guang's misfortune.

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