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Under the influence of this power of laws, the final small mountain nearby crumbled into rubble amid a resounding boom.

All of the fierce winds sweeping through the devilish formation dissipated, and all of the devilish Qi in a radius of several tens of kilometers quickly thinned out.

Countless specks of five-colored light began to appear before surging toward the blade segment in a frenzy, and the incomplete blade segment suddenly became whole again.

A faint buzzing sound rang out from the purple blade, and the fluctuations of power of laws intensified even further.

As for the specks of five-colored light that hadn't yet surged into the blade, they all transformed into five-colored runes.

A cold smile appeared on the golden body's face, and it aimed the purple blade up at the primary devil overhead while roughly doubling its rate of injection of five-colored light into the purple blade.

Due to the enormous amount of five-colored light passing through it, the arm that was wielding the purple blade had turned into a rainbow color, and a terrifying aura that threatened to destroy heaven and earth erupted from the blade.

As more and more of the world's origin Qi was injected into the blade, this aura became even more fearsome.

The primary devil that was battling Han Li in the distance shuddered upon sensing this terrifying aura, and the violent killing intent of the primary devil significantly abated as the logic of Lord Lan returned.

The giant skeleton immediately hurled its 26 bone weapons through the air without any hesitation, then quickly pointed at the weapons, upon which they converged to form a sinister-looking blade that was several hundred feet in length.

The giant blade came crashing down from above while the primary devil shot back in retreat, flying back to over 1,000 feet away in a flash.

However, right at this moment, spatial fluctuations erupted near the primary devil, and a huge green hand shot forth like lightning to grip onto its shoulder in a completely unexpected turn of events.

The primary devil was naturally extremely alarmed by this, but a ferocious look then appeared in its eyes as it expelled a burst of devilish flames out of its mouth.

The huge green hand was set alight and was quickly charred into a blackened state, but it displayed no intention of letting go.

Green light flashed several times in rapid succession, and not only did the hand completely regenerate to its original condition, it was now gripping even more tightly onto the primary devil's shoulder.

Only then did the primary devil begin to panic. It swung several of its arms through the air in unison, and then transformed into a dozen or so bone blades that slashed toward the giant green hand.

A string of sickening cracks rang out in rapid succession as each of the bone blades sliced around a foot deep into the huge hand, but they were unable to progress any further. This green hand was much more

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