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At first glance, the object appeared to be an ordinary scroll. The scroll flew over to the air above the green ball, where it slowly unfurled to reveal a piece of artwork depicting countless golden flying swords.

This was none other than the Myriad Sword Artwork that Han Li had only completely refined not long ago.

As soon as the scroll was unfurled, it released a burst of dazzling golden light alongside an astonishing baleful aura.

The golden light then vanished in a flash, and the green ball in front of the artwork also disappeared. It had been drawn into the artwork!

A faint smile appeared on the spirit body's face, and it made a hand seal, upon which the golden artwork slowly rolled up into the scroll again, then hovered in mid-air in a completely stationary manner.

Han Li waved a hand upward, and a resounding boom rang out as a vast expanse of light erupted from the palatial projections up above. The light swept down toward the scroll before drawing it into the projections, following which plumes of dense white mist emerged to conceal all of the palatial projections in the air above.

Meanwhile, within the restriction formed by the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talisman, the Myriad Sword Artwork tremored violently, and a layer of golden light swirled around it before it slowly began to unfurl again.

However, the scroll had only managed to open up halfway before a giant rainbow pagoda projection erupted out of it, and an earth-shattering boom rang out as the scroll exploded into countless specks of golden light.

Immediately thereafter, a small ball of rainbow light emerged, and it was none other than the Rainbow Light Pagoda.

On the surface of the pagoda, the indistinct image of a pale face could be seen; it belonged to none other than the clone of Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang who had fused as one with the pagoda.

The paleness of his complexion and the furious look on his face clearly indicated that he had been forced to expend a lot of power to break out of the scroll.

However, before the rainbow pagoda had a chance to unleash any other abilities, the specks of golden light that had erupted from the explosion suddenly became extremely bright and dazzling.

A sharp ringing sound rang out, and a series of golden flying swords emerged out of thin air around the small pagoda. Each and every shimmering golden sword was of an identical length and appearance, and there was no end to them in sight.

The entire area had transformed into a sea of swords, and golden light encompassed the entirety of the nearby space.

The face on the small pagoda couldn't help but falter slightly upon seeing this.

In the next instant, all of the flying swords let loose sharp ringing sounds, then swiveled around to direct their tips at the rainbow pagoda with unerring accuracy.


Even the perpetually calm clone's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. Immediately thereafter, the golden flying swords

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