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"Heavenly Asura Gate Hierarchical and True Devil Flags? Aren't those two of the 10 great devilish treasures of our Spirit Realm?" Han Li asked in a rather surprised manner.

"Be careful, Brother Han; the 10 great devilish treasures of our Spirit Realm are actually all replicas of renowned treasures of the Elder Devil Realm, so those two treasures are most likely going to be even more powerful than the 10 great devilish treasures. It looks like we won't be able to take them down easily; how about we leave these two and continue on our journey? I'm sure they won't be willing to risk their lives to stop us," Fairy Silver Light suggested in a hesitant manner.

It was quite clear that Fairy Silver Light wasn't optimistic about their chances against these powerful treasures, and was considering a retreat.

"It's too late. There's still a very long way to go until we reach Heavenlean City; if we let these two go, the rest of our journey will be even more perilous. All you have to do is help me stall one of them for now, and I'll take them down one after another." Han Li transmitted his voice to her in response in an implacable manner.

Fairy Silver Light was naturally aware that Han Li was right, and she was both surprised and elated by his confidence. Thus, after a brief moment of contemplation, she nodded and transmitted her voice in reply. "Seeing as you're confident in your ability to take care of these two, then I'll do everything in my power to assist you. I'm going to summon a powerful treasure to trap one of them; the rest will be up to you, Brother Han."

As soon as her voice trailed off, Fairy Silver Light made a rapid series of hand seals, and bright spiritual light erupted from her silver mask. Countless golden runes then emerged on the surface of the mask, and in the beginning, the runes were only around the size of grains of rice, but they quickly expanded to encompass the entire mask.

She then let loose a delicate cry, and the silver mask warped slightly before sliding off her face. Immediately thereafter, it expanded to become the head of a beautiful woman that was around 10 feet in size. The head was shimmering with silver light with its eyes tightly shut, and had long golden hair that was several feet in length.


A cold light flashed through the bald devilish lord's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately bit down onto the tip of his own tongue, then opened his mouth to expel a mouthful of black blood, which transformed into a cloud of blood mist that enshrouded the ghostly azure gate.

After witnessing Han Li's dismantling of Lord Li, the bald devilish being had already cast aside all complacency, and he was sacrificing some blood essence from the get-go to activate this trump card treasure of his.

In the instant that the giant azure gate was enveloped by the blood mist, the eyes of the two giant ghostly heads engraved onto its surface abruptly turned red, and they suddenly seemed to have

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