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In the next instant, golden light flashed from Han Li's body, and he let loose a low cry as his body expanded drastically in size. Strands of golden fur also began to emerge out of his skin, and in the blink of an eye, he had transformed into a giant golden ape.

The giant ape abruptly swung both of its arms through the air, and the two extreme mountains in its grasp shot forth before crashing heavily into the stone gate amid two earth-shattering booms.

A layer of golden light surfaced from the golden gate, then exploded like a scintillating golden sun.

The restriction formed by the golden light was virtually instantly shattered, and the stone gate was also reduced to dust.

Even this incredible profound restriction was no match for his two extreme mountains and the extraordinary strength of the Giant Mountain Ape.

Han Li abruptly stomped his feet in the ground upon seeing this and propelled himself through the entrance up ahead.

All of a sudden, a massive silver fist emerged up ahead before hurtling toward him with ferocious might. Even before it had reached Han Li, he was struck by a burst of enormous invisible force.

Han Li was slightly alarmed to see this, but he wasn't fearful in the slightest as he let loose a loud roar, and he lashed out with a massive furry fist of his own in retaliation.

Golden light flashed from his fingertips, and his entire hand instantly became as hard as iron and steel.

The two fists clashed with a crisp crack, and the silver fist was instantly shattered by the giant ape.

Right at this moment, a gust of fierce winds were swept up above Han Li, and a silver set of claws came grabbing toward him from above.

Han Li immediately thrust his other golden palm upward in retaliation, and the silver claws were instantly destroyed as well.

After doing all that, Han Li still had no intention of stopping. Blue light flashed through his eyes, and he suddenly opened his mouth to expel a pillar of azure light, which instantly struck a patch of empty air over 100 feet away.

A loud boom rang out, and a silver figure stumbled out of thin air, revealing itself to be a silver puppet that was missing both of its hands.

The puppet was around 20 feet tall with mysterious black runes engraved all over its body, and Han Li made a grabbing motion toward it, upon which 10 streaks of azure sword Qi hurtled through the air in a flash.

The silver puppet was instantly dismembered on the spot, yet all of a sudden, spatial fluctuations erupted throughout the nearby area, and eight identical silver puppets abruptly emerged.

Han Li was slightly alarmed to see this, and the puppets immediately pounced toward him as balls of silver light.


An hour later, Han Li let loose a long cry and hurled both of his extreme mountains through the air at once, reducing two of the silver puppets to dust.

The two extreme mountains then vanished on the spot before reappearing in the giant ape

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