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Not only were these bricks remarkably huge, they were all as smooth and lustrous as jade, clearly having been specially refined.

After they blocked the opening in the city wall, the cultivators up above immediately cast incantation seals toward them, and they immediately fused with the rest of the city wall in a seamless manner.

In the instant that the opening in the city wall vanished, the surfaces of several giant buildings in Heavenlean suddenly blurred, following which countless runes emerged from them.

These runes swirled through the air before forming a series of profound formations of different sizes, and immediately thereafter, these buildings transformed into giant stone puppets amid a string of rumbling booms.

Each puppet was completely devoid of facial features aside from a huge single eye, and there was a house-sized opening on each of their bellies.

Within each of those openings were several human cultivators standing on a heptagram, holding strange treasures with nervous looks on their faces.

These giants abruptly threw their heads back and let loose thunderous roars, then immediately rushed over to the city wall before rubbing their hands together.

A gust of fierce glacial winds swept forth, and countless specks of blue light appeared within the glacial wind before converging toward their palms.

In the blink of an eye, a series of translucent ice spears that resembled thousand-feet-long pillars appeared. The giant puppets grabbed onto the spears, then hurled them violently through the air, upon which they instantly vanished amid flashes of blue light.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted in the air above the giant rhinoceroses, and over 1,000 streaks of piercing blue light emerged out of thin air. These streaks of blue light then transformed into thousand-feet-long ice spears that pierced through the rhinoceroses' mountainous bodies before exploding violently.

Following their explosions, the spears transformed into clouds of blue mist that were several acres in size, sealing the severely wounded rhinoceroses into gargantuan ice statues. The yellow protective light barriers around their bodies had completely failed to protect them!

Loud thunderclaps then erupted as over 100 massive bolts of crimson lightning crashed down from above, piercing through the dense devilish Qi without any warningbefore shattering all of the gigantic ice statues.

All of the giant rhinoceroses were instantly slain on the spot, and even their souls hadn't managed to escape.

Within a set of secret chambers inside the bodies of these giant stone puppets, a group of Deity Transformation Stage human cultivators all released the items in their hands as relieved expressions appeared on their faces.

These items were a series of shimmering red talismans, upon which were inscribed countless golden and silver runes.

As soon as these talismans were released by the human cultivators, they immedia

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