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"Even so, that place isn't all that far away; he should've been back by now. Could he have encountered some trouble along the way?" Lord Lan murmured as he stroked the devilish patterns on his own face in a contemplative manner

"What troubles could he possibly encounter? With his powers, no human cultivator below the Body Integration Stage would dare to mess with him," the other devilish being replied with a shake of his head.

"Not necessarily. The humans have some secret treasures that can allow one to punch above their weight. Alternatively, a few late-Spatial Tempering cultivators who are adept in combination techniques can also be very troublesome," Lord Lan said.

"All of the human settlements in this area have been surrounded; how could there possibly be such an inconvenient coincidence?" the bald devilish being chuckled in a nonchalant manner.

Right as his voice trailed off, a low ringing sound suddenly rang out from his body, and both devilish beings were rather taken aback by this.

The bald devilish being immediately waved a hand through the air, and a white formation plate appeared in his hand amid a flash of black light. He pointed a finger toward the formation plate, and a burst of transparent fluctuations immediately rippled through the air, following which white light flashed from the surface of the plate, and the furious face of an elderly man appeared.

It was none other than the Fellow Daoist Li they had been referring to!

"Brother Li, why are you contacting us through this formation plate? And why are you still not back yet?" the bald devilish being asked in a slightly displeased manner.

Lord Lan's expression eased slightly upon seeing that the elderly man was alive and well, but a hint of displeasure then appeared in his eyes as well. "We didn't bring along many Illusion Devil Stones for this formation plate to use up, so you'd better have a good reason for contacting us."

"Hmph, my grandson was killed by human cultivators not long ago, and I'm pursuing the perpetrator now. However, it's very likely that there's a Body Integration cultivator among their ranks, so I may not be able to exact revenge on my own; I'll need you two to help me. In return, I'm willing to give you half of everything I obtain during this sacred sacrifice," the elderly man said with killing intent flashing through his eyes.

"How do you know that a Body Integration Stage human cultivator was involved, Brother Li?" the bald devilish being asked in a surprised manner.

"I've already been to the place where my grandson and his subordinates were killed, but there was no lingering aura suggesting that a battle had taken place; there's no way a Spatial Tempering cultivator could've accomplished this, so there's a very good chance that the perpetrator is a Body Integration cultivator," the elderly man explained.

"I see, that does seem quite plausible. Do you know the exact number of this group of human cultivators, B

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