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Han Li was struck by a sense of foreboding upon seeing this, and the 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles that were revolving above his head instantly shot forth as balls of purple light at his behest.

Meanwhile, Han Li himself stomped a foot onto space, and he pounced through the air as a gust of fierce winds while unleashing a torrential flurry of golden fist projections.

However, regardless of whether it was the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles or the fist projections, both were instantly repelled as soon as they came into contact with the rainbow halos.

At this moment, the power of laws in the nearby area became even more pronounced. The dazzling light that was being released by the rainbow halos illuminated the entire sky, striking the beholder with an extremely unsettling sensation.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and as he continued to hurtle through the air, he let loose a ferocious roar, and his body began to expand at an incredible rate.

Within mere moments, he had swelled to around 4,000 to 5,000 feet tall, and he took in a massive lungful of air before expelling a wave of white Qi.

Initially, the wave of Qi was completely silent, but after traveling for around 100 feet, an earth-shattering boom suddenly erupted from it.

The three clones felt as if an explosive thunderclap had erupted right beside their ears, and they swayed unsteadily as their bodies shuddered.

The space in the wake of the white wave began to turn murky and indistinct, and there were even some sections that were twisting and warping, as if the entire space were about to collapse.

This was the Golden Net Roar, a new Giant Mountain Ape ability that Han Li had mastered after progressing to the mid-Body Integration Stage.

This was a purely soundwave-based cultivation art, and it was incredibly powerful. When unleashed to its full extent, it was capable of even shattering space itself.

This was another countermeasure that Han Li had prepared against the Rainbow Light Pagoda, and in this perilous situation, he immediately chose to unleash the technique.

The white soundwaves and rainbow light clashed, and the former instantly vanished soundlessly into the latter.

A loud buzzing sound then rang out from the rainbow light, and the golden runes hovering within the light disintegrated in a flash. The golden light itself also began to flash erratically, as if it were about to shatter at any moment.

The clone that had just returned to his senses from the soundwave attack hurriedly made a hand seal upon seeing this to control the small pagoda again, but he had fallen a step behind Han Li.

All of a sudden, countless silver runes appeared over the Provenance Golden Body at Han Li's behest, giving it a very mystical appearance. The giant grey python pounced viciously toward it, but it abruptly vanished like a gentle breeze.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang faltered slightly upon seeing thi

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