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As soon as these ancient runes appeared, the black lotus flowers in the air instantly transformed into a black light barrier. Upon striking the black light barrier, the Extreme Essencefused Mountain was immediately struck by a burst of equivalent force acting in the opposite direction, and it was instantly repelled.

As for the arcs of golden lightning and azure swords, they were met by the exact same number of black bolts of lightning and flying swords that erupted from the light barrier in retaliation. The two clashed amid a string of resounding booms, and all of the attacks completely nullified one another.

The light barrier possessed a mirror-like ability to replicate and repel attacks! This was truly a treasure that defied the natural order!

Han Li was quite stunned to see this, but he was still unconvinced that a treasure could truly be this powerful. As such, he immediately made a hand seal before stomping his foot viciously down onto the black mountain again.

A burst of azure light erupted out of his foot and was injected into the Extreme Essencefused Mountain. The mountain immediately descended amid the sound of howling winds and rumbling thunder, and several giant silver runes lit up on the surface of the mountain as it released a vast expanse of grey light.

The grey light then manifested into countless grey threads of light that rained down from above in a torrential downpour.

As for the other azure mountain, that also came crashing down from above with even greater ferocity than last time at Han Li's behest.

However, the devilish beauty was completely unfazed and merely expelled another mouthful of pure devilish Qi toward the giant purple cauldron.

A resounding rumbling boom rang out, and the same scene unfolded again.

Not only were the two mountains completely repelled, the grey threads were also vanquished by the black threads of light that shot forth from the black light barrier.

It seemed that this protective barrier formed by the giant cauldron down below really was able to replicate and reflect all attacks. A grim look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, the silver-robed man also sprang into action.

He pointed a finger at the rainbow pagoda hovering before him, and the giant pagoda rose up into the heavens as a thick pillar of light, vanishing from sight in the blink of an eye.

However, Han Li suddenly seemed to have sensed something, and he immediately looked up into the sky.

A ball of rainbow light had appeared high above him, and it didn't appear to be very large, but as it slowly descended, it instantly encompassed the entire heavens.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately drew the two giant mountains back into his body. Immediately thereafter, he flew away as a streak of azure light.

He didn't know exactly what this rainbow light was, but he certainly wanted nothing to do with it.

A cold smile appeared on t

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