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However, in the next instant, the giant pincers were rubbed together vigorously, and the silver lightning abruptly swelled up, eradicating the fiery chains before forming a ball of lightning that hurtled through the air.

Mistress Wan Hua's heart jolted slightly upon seeing this, and he quickly made a hand seal, upon which the top of her head opened up to release a green wooden shield.

At the same time, the giant black lion behind her released a pillar of black light amid a thunderous roar.

The ball of lightning struck the wooden shield before being repelled, following which the pillar of black light pierced through it and eradicated it in a flash.

However, instead of being elated to see this, Mistress Wan Hua's expression darkened even further as she swept her sleeves through the air, releasing countless black flying needles that formed a formation filled with surging black Qi.

The fact that such a casual strike from the giant golden crab had been this powerful told her that she would have to focus entirely on facing this opponent, thereby preventing her from going after Fairy Ice Soul.

Daoist Qing Ping was naturally very frustrated to see this. Who would've thought that someone would suddenly step in to foil their plans?

After witnessing the fearsome attack that the golden crab had just unleashed, he also knew that he would be able to count on Mistress Wan Hua anytime soon.

With that in mind, he swept his horsetail brush through the air, releasing a torrent of azure threads that was around twice as dense as before toward his target. At the same time, he raised his other hand, hurling the azure mirror forward as a ball of azure light.

All of a sudden, a black and white Yin Yang diagram appeared on the mirror's surface, then abruptly emerged above Fairy Ice Soul.

A burst of rumbling rang out as wooden sticks that were each several inches in length flew out of the diagram before swelling to several tens of feet in length, then crashed down from above amid a flurry of azure runes.

Daoist Qing Ping had also identified that Fairy Ice Soul had only recently reached the Grand Ascension Stage, so he was exerting immense pressure on her from the get-go to try and capture her as quickly as possible.

In the face of the azure runes and giant logs, the ice barrier quickly began to struggle, and finally, a series of thin cracks began to appear on its surface.

However, Fairy Ice Soul wasn't all that alarmed to see this. Instead, she took a deep breath before sitting down with her legs crossed, then made a hand seal, a huge snowy white turtle projection suddenly flew out of the top of her head.

The turtle had countless translucent ice spikes on its shell, and its entire body was giving off a glacial aura. As soon as it appeared, it opened its mouth to expel one ball of white glacial Qi after another, all of which vanished into the ice barrier in a flash.

As a result, the struggling ice barrier immedia

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