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This strange scent was primarily a spicy one, intermingled with an intoxicating fragrant aroma.

All of a sudden, Han Li flipped a hand over, and the purple wooden box brought to him by Bai Guo'er appeared in his hand.

Azure light flashed, and the lid of the box flew off on its own to reveal the dark green demon cores.

"With the poison from the demon cores of these Glacial Devilish Spiders, I should be able to master the final stage of the Chaotic Myriad Poison Body. If I can combine this with my 12 Awakening Transformations, my body will be virtually as indestructible as those of the legendary true spirits," Han Li murmured to himself in an excited manner.

He flicked his wrist, and the demon core cores within the wooden box all flew out before falling into the giant cauldron.

They then quickly dissolved and became a part of this mysterious liquid. After that, Han Li made a hand seal, and the silver flames down below rose up to envelop virtually the entire giant cauldron.

The liquid within the cauldron immediately began to bubble and churn even more violently, and Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he appraised the cauldron, but there was a very serious look in his eyes.

The recipe for this cauldron of liquid, which had been refined from over 100 types of extremely poisonous substances, was something that he had secured from the body refinement method that accompanied the Heavenmatch Bell he had obtained during the Black Realm Exchange Convention.

If Han Li wanted to cultivate the second stage of the Spirit Refinement Technique, then he had to improve his physical constitution, so he was naturally very interested in all body refinement methods.

The Heavenmatch Bell was largely useless to him, but the body refinement method that accompanied it was quite remarkable; that much had been made apparent to him by the sight of that body refinement warrior who had struck the bell during the demonstration in the exchange convention.

This was the main reason why he had decided to exchange for that Heavenmatch Bell. He didn't immediately study this foreign body refinement method during the course of the Myriad Treasure Convention, but he had studied it in great detail during his travels throughout the human regions and demon territories thereafter, and he was stunned and elated by what he had seen.

This Chaotic Myriad Poison Body was a body refinement method that had far exceeded his expectations.

It was split up into seven stages, and progressing up each stage allowed one to drastically enhance their physical body.

Upon mastering all seven stages, even a mortal human would possess a body as powerful as that of a high-grade demonic cultivator, and they would also be immune to all poisons. The only problem was that in order to cultivate this body refinement method, one had to bathe in a specially made pool of poison.

As one progressed up the stages, the toxicity of the poison used had to become m

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