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This man was none other than the grand elder of the Lin Family, which was the third-ranked true spirit family, and he seemed to not be on good terms with the grand elder of the Ye Family.

The woman in the five-colored dress from the Ye Family chuckled, "Hehe, if you'd like to spar with me, then I'll naturally accept your challenge, Fellow Daoist Lin."

The man from the Lin Family harrumphed coldly and offered no response.

Fairy Xiao Feng and the two Body Integration cultivators of the Feng Family naturally had no objections to this, either.

The Long Family patriarch nodded upon seeing this before clapping his hands together, and another golden-armored guard strode onto the platform with a platter in his hands.

Sitting on the platter was a yellow bamboo tube, within which were five bright red bamboo sticks. The entire bamboo tube was concealed under a layer of spiritual light that kept even spiritual sense at bay, preventing one from being able to glean what was written on those bamboo sticks.

"As per usual, we'll draw lots to decide the matchups. This will be limited to only sparring matches between Body Integration cultivators, so all of the juniors will be excluded. For the first round, the family that picks the fifth stick will get a bye."

"It looks like you're not going to make the first draw, Brother Long, so let me do the honors," the man in the lavish robes from the Feng Family chuckled before reaching out toward the bamboo tube from outside of the Myriad Spirit Platform, and one of the bamboo sticks immediately flew into his grasp.

The man glanced at the bamboo stick before announcing, "Number three."

The grand elder of the Ye Family smiled as she also raised a hand toward the bamboo tube from afar, and a silver thread shot forth from her fingertip before reaching the bamboo tube in a flash.

Another bamboo stick was drawn into her hand as a streak of crimson light.

She glanced at the stick before announcing, "Number five."

For the first round, the Ye Family received a bye.

"Senior Han, would you like me to draw in your stead?" Fairy Xiao Feng asked in a respectful manner.

"Sure, go ahead," Han Li replied in a nonchalant voice.

Fairy Xiao Feng nodded before sweeping a sleeve through the air, and a white thread shot forth from within her sleeve, then wrapped itself around a crimson stick before drawing it into her grasp.

Fairy Xiao Feng glanced at it before informing Han Li, "Number four."

Han Li nodded and offered no response.

Meanwhile, the man from the Lin Family had also drawn one of the final two sticks, and he announced, "Number one."

All of the Gu Family cultivators' expressions changed drastically upon hearing this. The number two stick corresponded with their number four stick, which meant that they were going to be pitted against the Long Family in the first round.

The Long Family patriarch drew the final stick as a formality before turning to Han Li

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