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In the instant that the two clashed, ripples surged over the surface of the enormous light formation, and its center also tremored violently as if it were about to be shattered at any moment.

The light formation was indeed extremely profound, but even so, it was unable to withstand the power of the Revolving Golden Light.

A hint of elation appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, but his expression then quickly changed as in the next instant, the strange sobbing sound emanating from the center of the light formation suddenly became louder.

Immediately thereafter, the 81 huge pillars of light tremored before crumbling away in unison.

A terrifying aura that threatened to devour the entirety of heaven and earth then erupted from the light formation, and a giant silver hand reached out of the center of the formation amid violent flashes of five-colored light.

The silver hand then spread its five fingers and slowly raised up the golden vortex, completely unaffected by the enormous force emanating from within the vortex.

Han Li's face immediately paled upon seeing this terrifying aura.

"Impossible! This aura belongs to a Grand Ascension Stage being! There's no way such an absurdly powerful ability could exist in this realm!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, the sobs ringing out from within the light formation abruptly cut off, and the entire formation itself crumbled into nothingness like an illusion.

At the center of where the formation had once stood, there now stood a gargantuan creature that was 3,000 to 4,000 feet in size.

It had two heads and eight wings, with a humanoid upper body, yet the lower body of a bird.

The two heads belonged to the Lightning Beast and Shopkeeper Yu. The eight wings on its back also consisted of the Lightning Beast's original six wings, as well as the wings of the Five-colored Peacock.

What was even more formidable was that bolts of five-colored lightning were revolving around its body, and under the illumination of this lightning, the creature was made to look even more sinister and fearsome.

The head that belonged to Shopkeeper Yu cackled while the silver hand that was carrying the golden vortex abruptly released a torrent of five-colored lightning.

An earth-shattering thunderclap rang out, and the golden vortex was torn into shreds by countless bolts of five-colored lightning.

A panicked look suddenly appeared on the three faces of the Provenance Golden Body, immediately following which golden light flashed violently around its body, and it gave a muffled groan as it swayed unsteadily.

It was quite clear that the destruction of the Revolving Golden Light it had unleashed had inflicted backlash on the golden body.

Thankfully, the backlash had only affected the golden body, and Han Li remained unscathed, but even so, he was feeling even more astonished as he could now confirm that this gargantuan creature really did possess Grand Ascension Stage p

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